Westinghouse TV Reviews In 2023: What To Know

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Westinghouse D2 TV Review

A sleek, contemporary television, the Westinghouse D2 TV looks great in any room of your house.

It is constructed using the most recent LED technology, which produces clear sounds and high-quality images while using little energy.

The picture quality is so good that you won’t have to worry about the picture getting washed out when you’re watching movies or playing games. You can be sure that your viewing experience will be nothing short of amazing because it is built to handle any kind of action.

It has a 720p resolution, which may be an issue if you want to watch more HD stuff.

LED televisions are typically more energy-efficient than traditional You can enjoy a clear and crisp image while saving money on energy costs by using LCD TVs. This TV can even lessen the amount of blue light that is emitted from the screen, which could eventually harm your eyes.

The built-in Wi-Fi lets you access all of your favorite streaming apps on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in your house. A USB port is also included, allowing you to connect a mouse, keyboard, or other peripherals.

Anyone looking to enjoy excellent images and sound without having to worry about energy consumption should consider this Westinghouse D2 TV.


  • Parental Control Built-in
  • Fair price
  • Bright colors


  • No voice control feature
  • No 4K support

Westinghouse Smart Roku TV Review

This smart TV comes from Westinghouse, a long-standing business that has essentially nailed the smart TV game.

One of the best smart TVs on the market right now is the Roku TV from Westinghouse. It comes with the latest Roku operating system, which is loaded with free apps and entertainment and supports both Alexa voice commands as well as AirPlay 2.

Because it can stream content from more than 100 different channels, this smart TV has an advantage over other smart TVs. It can also be used to watch your preferred television shows and movies on a computer, tablet, or phone.

It includes the newest Roku operating system, which has been redesigned with easy access to well-known services and apps on the home screen. The new interface is also easier to navigate and use.

There are also some cool new features in the Roku TV, such as the new Roku mobile app, which enables you to cast your content to your TV, and private listening mode, which allows you to listen to your preferred music, podcasts, and audiobooks without disturbing others.

The Roku TV is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, It is ideal for people who want a smart TV that can control their connected devices and speakers because it comes with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and the newest smart home technology.


  • Good picture quality
  • Affordable
  • Strong contrast and color
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa


  • No built-in voice control feature
  • No 4K support

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Westinghouse Wr43fx2019 Review

Westinghouse has a long history in the television industry. They were the first to create LED TVs in the early 2000s, and since then, their line-up has undergone significant advancements.

One of the best models of Roku TV is the one they sell.

This Westinghouse WR43FX2019 The 43-inch Roku TV has a great screen for movies and video games.

Additionally, it has a 1920 x 1080 pixel HD resolution, which results in clear images and lively colors.

All well-known streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling TV, and others, are supported by this model. Because Roku is Alexa compatible, you can even control it with your voice.

The screen is also compatible with all major game consoles like You can use this TV to play your favorite games on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms.

Additionally, it has a smart remote that you can use to access your cable box, antenna, or other content sources.

As a result, you can start watching a movie while it’s still playing on the box and access all of your favorite channels right from the Roku home screen.

Although it is not as powerful as some other TVs, it still performs admirably for a TV of this size.


  • Voice Command feature
  • Very good viewing angles
  • Bright colors


  • The input lag is a little longer than ideal
Westinghouse TV Reviews
Westinghouse TV Reviews

Westinghouse Ux Series Review

You can easily watch Ultra HD content on your TV thanks to this 4K smart TV.

It Is also an easy-to-use and affordable option for people who want a high-quality, HDTV that is also capable of streaming content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

This Westinghouse model supports Roku TV, so it is compatible with thousands of streaming services. Although Roku TV is one of the most well-liked streaming services, it is not the only one that is compatible with this TV.

It comes with free Roku OS software, which you’ll need to install. After completing that, you can set up your favorite channels by using the search bar to look them up. Additionally, by selecting “add” from the main menu, you can add your preferred channels.

You can connect additional devices since there are four HDMI ports included.

You can also get a voice search if you prefer using that method instead of pressing a button. It functions well and makes it simple to find TV content.

Watching your favorite movies and television shows in 4K quality on this 4K TV is a breeze thanks to its incredible 75-inch screen size.

If you’re looking for an affordable option with a high-quality display, then you should buy this one.


  • 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Smart TV connectivity
  • Excellent color range
  • Very good viewing angles


  • Relatively dim panel

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Westinghouse Wd24hb6101 Review

Despite popular belief, physical DVDs are still very much in use in the entertainment sector. So, as we did, our team advises checking out the Westinghouse WD24HB6101 if you’re looking for a TV-DVD combination to put in your bedroom or dining room. 

Although not as large as premium options, this TV offered us a vivid image quality ideal for watching movies or using a game console. 

Although it isn’t a smart TV, it provided us with a ton of connectivity options. HDMI, VGA, USB, and Digital Tuners are all included, so it is unquestionably worth more than its asking price. It also has a special V-chip feature that scans program ratings and blocks content appropriately. 


  • Includes plenty of wired connectivity features
  • Perfect TVs for bedrooms and kitchens
  • Delivers good picture quality


  • No smart features available
  • More suited in smaller space

Westinghouse ‎wr70ux4200 Review

The ‎WR70UX4200 is by far the priciest and largest product we have tested among the options mentioned in this Westinghouse TV review. The 70-inch screen and 4K resolution of this TV ensure that it provides the highest level of clarity and image quality you’d expect from a modern TV, despite its moderately high price. 

The refresh rate is a respectable 60 Hz, which is the industry standard. It doesn’t take long for the input response to happen when doing this, and it is smooth. It has a Roku home screen, similar to other Westinghouse models, where you can stream TV shows, movies, and even games without any hassle. 

In addition, the Westinghouse WR70UX4200 has enough HDMI ports for simple integration and wireless connectivity is also present.


  • Has an accessible content home screen
  • Includes three HDMI ports for integration
  • Delivers great picture quality and responsiveness


  • More expensive than other Westinghouse TVs
  • Screen size requires extensive space

Westinghouse TV Overview


In order to accommodate various customer needs, Westinghouse has made investments in a variety of TV sizes, just like every other TV brand. You can choose the size you want from TVs that range in size from 24 to 75 inches. Similar to other brands, the price of a television increases with size. However, Westinghouse TVs have a drawback because they are frequently significantly less expensive than other brands, which is alluring for most people, especially if you don’t have much money to spend on a TV.


Investing in smart and Android TV is a given for Westinghouse. In fact, they’ve introduced a variety of Android and smart TVs to try and improve your experience. Even the Roku TV interface, which boasts Wi-Fi connectivity and purportedly enables streaming of content, is used by them.

For simpler control, you can also connect your phone to the screen. There are 4k display panels in the larger sizes (40 inches and up). The voice recognition feature that they include is also cool.

Don’t be fooled, though, by all these shiny things. According to what we learned, these fantastic features only provide temporary comfort. For instance, a complex system has led to numerous complaints from customers who are unable to connect to the internet. And when they do connect, the TVs use up enormous amounts of data in such a short period of time that it’s just annoying.

The so-called 4k screens don’t have true blacks, have poor viewing angles, and have a distorted color spectrum, which makes the situation worse. In other words, Westinghouse isn’t the right choice if you want an HDR TV that you can watch from various sitting positions.


The plastic chassis of Westinghouse TVs is predominately black in color. You can mount it in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen because it is smooth and slim. But because of the design’s simplicity and simplicity, it is not suitable if you want something sophisticated. You can connect a variety of devices, including your phone, to it using the HDMI and VGA ports. 

However, don’t get too excited because these ports will lose their effectiveness after six months, and if you’re lucky, after a year. It would be an understatement to say that the sound on these TVs is of poor quality. You must use a soundbar or external speakers due to the poor sound, according to the online reviews we read and my personal experience.

In some extreme situations, you might wake up one day and discover that your TV is silent. One customer, for instance, had to replace her TV after the sound stopped working, and to her surprise, the new one worked for a few months before going silent. After several back and forths with her neighborhood vendor, she gave up. See more about Bolooktv Reviews

Westinghouse TV Reviews In 2022 What To Know
Westinghouse TV Reviews In 2022: What To Know

How Durable Are Tvs Made By Westinghouse?

Not long. If I were to give it a lifespan in terms of years, I’d say you will only use this TV for three years, if you are lucky. According to our research, the majority of these TVs will function properly for six to 24 months. You’ll encounter a variety of problems one after the other after that. The majority of times, you forget to turn it on and the TV suddenly goes to mute. 

Your TV is in perfect working order when you leave it, but the next time you try to turn it on, it is not there. Other issues include showing no pictures at all or incomplete pictures. In other instances, the TV keeps turning on and off by itself. Even though Westinghouse’s simple troubleshooting techniques can fix the majority of TVs, it’s a long shot and not worth your time. 

And to make matters worse, even when you’re still covered by warranty, customer service is rarely helpful. You won’t give up until you stop sending unanswered emails and making endless phone calls. If you’re fortunate enough to receive a response, it will include a number of requests for your TV to be inspected. 

For instance, the TV must be returned in its original box with the original sales receipt. Try a different TV brand that lasts longer if you lack patience for unhelpful and annoying customer service representatives. 

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Westinghouse TV Buyer’s Guide

Size and Aspect Ratio

Westinghouse TVs are available in a range of screen sizes like other brands. We observed that their releases range from 24 to 70 inches during the tests performed by our home theater experts.

And while the size of your TV will largely depend on the amount of space you have available, we advise purchasing models with at least 16:9 aspect ratios to comply with the rules of normal viewing. Furthermore, if you enjoy watching movies, be sure to buy TVs with a minimum aspect ratio of 21:9. Determining the ideal TV dimension for your home theater setup can also be done with the aid of a TV screen size calculator.

Visual Quality and Resolution

Although Westinghouse produces 4K televisions, there aren’t many of them on the market right now.

Our testers wouldn’t discourage you from purchasing a TV with a 1080p or 720p resolution even though the 4K and 8K resolutions justify the visual quality requirements of contemporary movies and shows. These TVs not only cost less, but they can still deliver clear, vivid visual details.


A key component of your television is connectivity, both wired and wireless. Fortunately, most Westinghouse smart TVs come equipped with Wi-Fi and enough ports to support connections to external devices.


Is Westinghouse a Smart TV?


Westinghouse Smart TV – enables users to access the internet through apps like Twitter, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Accuweather, and Pandora to stream movies and listen to music.

Is Westinghouse a Good Brand?

Yes. Westinghouse has a solid reputation for reliable performance and practical design.

Does Westinghouse Make Good TVs?

Good TVs with a variety of connectivity options are made by Westinghouse. Its quality, however, cannot be compared to that of other premium brands available. There aren’t many TV options there. They do provide smart TVs, but they only have the usual features like a smart interface and voice control.

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