Where Are Sony TVs Made? All You Want to Know

Where are sony TVs made? In Tokyo, Japan, Sony TVs were first produced. Later, the company established a number of TV manufacturing facilities all over the world. Now, Sony TVs are produced in a variety of nations, including India, Malaysia, Slovakia, China, and others.

I will show you specific information about countries that manufacture Sony TVs.

Sony is a Japanese Sony Corporation (Sony Corporation) brand that produces various electronics. The management of the business made the decision to alter its television production strategy in 2009 with regard to the medium. Increasing competition, particularly from Chinese manufacturers, and declining TV business revenues were factors in this.

Countries That Manufacture Sony TVs


Since Sony was founded in Japan, its own factories were first established there. The TV8-301, made by the company, was the initial all-transistor television ever produced.

Sony typically only sells TVs made in Japan within Japan. Inazawa, a city close to Nagoya, is where Sony TV is manufactured in Japan. From this point on, Sony television production spread to numerous nations.


The primary location for Sony product development and manufacturing is Malaysia. Malaysia has two R&D facilities in Selangor and Penang, as well as TV manufacturing facilities in Bangi, Selangor. Malaysia is where most Sony televisions are produced. Asia, Africa, and numerous other nations import Malaysian-made televisions. It serves as Sony’s important intellectual and production hub. Sony made the decision to maintain this center and concentrate development and production there.


The Sony factory is situated in Tijuana, Mexico. The production of numerous goods for the US is heavily concentrated in Tijuana. Logistics are very affordable in Tijuana due to its proximity to the border. As part of the restructuring of Sony TV production, this plant was however sold to Foxconn in 2010. A contract for outsourcing allowed the factory to keep making Sony TVs. Mexico-made televisions are transported to markets in North America.


in the USA to thesresystsys ahy in the way thata Trnava is home to one, while Nitra is the location of the other. One of the largest Sony plants, the Nitra plant debuted in 2007 after the Trnava factory opened its doors in 1996.

Both production facilities specialize in making TV parts. The other Sony TV factory locations around the world then receive these components. Producing LCD TVs for the European market at the Trnava plant started in 2007.

Sony sold the Nitra plant to Foxconn in 2010 after seeing a decline in TV sales. Sony continued to produce TVs, but Foxconn handled the manufacturing instead. For the European market, the factory produces about 3 million Sony TVs each year.


The world’s largest LCD TV manufacturing facility was constructed in Shandong Province, China, in 2011 as a joint venture between Sony and Foxconn.

30 million panels are produced annually at this Sony TV facility in China. The majority of Sony TVs made here are sold in China, so you’ll typically see Malaysia or another country listed as the country of origin.

Where Are Sony TVs Made All You Want to Know
Where Are Sony TVs Made? All You Want to Know


In order to make Sony TVs in their facility in India, Sony and Foxconn partnered in 2015. As their 4th largest consumer market in India, Sony has to establish this partnership to reduce costs by avoiding high importation taxes imposed by the Indian government.

With a whole website devoted to them, Sony India has many charitable and environmental initiatives as part of their corporate social responsibility, particularly for India. The elderly, orphans, schools, cultural institutions, environmental organizations, and other causes are just a few of the causes that Sony India supports.


In 2009, the Tver, Russia, location of the Sony Russia plant opened. Both the domestic Russian market and Europe buy the Sony TVs produced in this factory.

Jabil Circuit, who actually owns the manufacturing facility, is hired by Sony to handle its TV manufacturing.


The majority of Sony’s products are made in Japan, but some of them were also produced in Barcelona, Spain. Due to the high demand for LCD TVs in Europe, the company switched from producing CRT TVs to them in 2005.

However, Sony TV plants were shut down in 2010 after Ficosa Corporation purchased the facility. The new owners are experts in producing parts for the auto industry.

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Who Makes Sony TVs?

The majority of TV options sold under this renowned brand are created by Sony Corporation, a publicly traded business.

You can’t help but be impressed by any product made by this company, even if you don’t typically buy things or aren’t a fan of cutting-edge audiovisual technology.

They have developed a devoted customer base as a result of their constant product innovation and line expansion over the years. Due to this, the business has developed into one of the industry’s leading names in audio and video equipment today.

It’s not surprising that Sony uses outside assistance to assemble products and reduce workload, similar to how a typical manufacturing company would. Foxconn, a company in charge of the manufacturing operations of significant American and Japanese corporations, is one of their principal OEM assemblers.

These TVs are made in factories throughout the world, including ones in China, India, and Malaysia, in addition to their own facilities.

History of Sony Corporation

By Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, Sony Corporation was established in 1946.

While many of us may be familiar with the Sony Corporation through its Walkman, Sony video camcorders, or its music and film production brands, the original Japanese Sony Corporation began making electronics and is credited with inventing Japan’s first tape recorder in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

The TV8-301 8-inch portable transistor TV, the first Sony TV, was also released by the company in May 1960.

About Sony’s Manufacturer

Bravia (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture), a division of Sony Visual Products Inc., is the brand designation given by due to Sony’s line of TVs. Prior to 2005, WEGA was the brand name for Bravia televisions.

Currently, Sony has TV manufacturing facilities in Slovakia, Mexico, Japan, and other nations.

Features of Sony TVs

What differentiates Sony TVs from those made by other TV manufacturers, in my opinion. For its TVs, Sony purchases high-quality parts from fresh batches; for instance, the Samsung displays used in Sony’s OLED TVs from 2022 and the QD-OLED screens that will be created in 2021 are both OLEDs. The company is also very concerned with the caliber of image processing and the speed of TVs. Sony TVs are more expensive than Samsung or LG TVs as a result.

Where is Sony Manufactured?

As I previously stated, Sony assembles some of its TVs in its manufacturing facilities, primarily in Malaysia. These factories build the priciest TV models; outsourcing is used for all budget models. As a result, many Sony products, including Sony TVs, are assembled by independent OEM and ODM manufacturers. Foxconn is one of the most well-known companies in this industry.

Are Sony TVs Reliable?

Yes, Sony TVs have a very long history of being dependable. They are renowned for being strong. Due to the high quality of their TVs, they are at the top of the market.

In the television industry, Sony continues to be the industry leader. It provides excellent sound and fantastic picture quality for a fantastic viewing experience. It also has a wide selection of models with 4K, 8K, and OLED screen displays.

To produce better TVs, Sony is constantly improving its technology. They’ve made a lot of innovations over the years, particularly with their Smart TVs and the Sony Bravia XR line.


Who Manufactures Sony TV Panels?

Sony buys TV panels from LG Display. LG Display produced the OLED panels for Sony TVs in 2017. The processor, software, and build for Sony TVs are still produced by Sony, so LG is not categorized as one of these third-party businesses, or “vendors.”

Does Sony Use LG Screens?

Sony does indeed use LG screens. Some reports claim that Sony uses LG screens for its TV models, especially for its first OLED flagship TV in 2017. Right now, LG manufactures TVs and parts for LCD and OLED.


Sony guarantees the best picture quality on all of its developed and sold televisions. Every generation of Sony TVs has been influenced by the Trinitron, WEGA, and Bravia televisions that the company produced.

Now that we know the answer to the query, “Where are Sony TVs made?,’ you could consider buying If you’re in the market for a TV, consider buying a Sony model among others. You won’t be sorry.

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