How Long Does A Dryer Take: Quick Answer

Any homeowner who owns one would find it difficult to do without one. However, despite being frequently used equipment, maintenance is frequently skipped. Until then… You suddenly realize you’re going to be late for work when you’re engrossed in the most recent TV binge! Your work clothes are still moist after an hour of drying, so you dash to the laundry room and fling open the dryer door. You think to yourself, “Exactly how long does a dryer take?” while you scramble to find another outfit.

Answer To How Long Does A Dryer Cycle Take

You can count on that load of laundry you’ve simply put into the dryer to take somewhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

This is assuming that the dryer is working nicely and used properly, no longer damaged or overloaded.

The size of time a dryer cycle takes relies upon on a few elements including:

What You’re Drying

Thicker materials, such as a comforter, will take much less time to dry than thinner materials, such as a t-shirt. A load of garments usually takes 30-45 minutes to dry fully, however heavier hundreds such as blankets or towels may also take an hour or more.

Small hundreds consisting of sheets or delicates may also take as little as 20-25 minutes to dry.


A dryer that’s many times cleaned will final longer and run extra correctly than dryers that aren’t maintained.

Clean the lint tray each and every time you use your washer, and be certain to get into the lint entice as well. Lint may additionally fall into right here unnoticed, however a vacuum can suck it out to preserve your laptop in properly shape.

Clean the vent at the returned of your dryer at least twice a year.

This will now not solely preserve your equipment jogging smoothly, however additionally gets rid of a fireplace hazard from your home. It’s very necessary to maintain up with!

Load Size

Larger hundreds take longer to dry, as do large, cumbersome items. For instance, I as soon as offered a thick king-size comforter that took longer to dry than any bedding I’ve had earlier than due to its size.

On the different hand, if you’re solely drying one towel or small object of clothing, it will take much less time than it would to dry an complete load of laundry.

If you’re in a rush to depart domestic however want a unique object to dry first, strive inserting solely that object in the dryer and then transferring the relaxation of the load after it has dried.

In addition, if your laundry generally takes too lengthy to dry, it’s viable that you are inserting too huge of a load in at a time.

My washer and dryer had been bought one at a time and the washer can take care of a an awful lot large load, so my household has to bear in mind no longer to overload our dryer!


Different warmth settings on your dryer will provide you quicker or shorter drying times. It’s satisfactory to comply with the guidelines that come with your dryer or the labels on your gadgets for specific directions.

The hotter the setting, the quicker your garments will dry. However, this isn’t a exact factor for all fabric as it can motive damage.

Technical Problems

If your dryer is having technical troubles that forestall it from working properly, it may also take way longer than standard to dry your laundry.

Technical troubles that can purpose your dryer to function poorly include:

  • Lack of airflow due to lint buildup
  • Broken air vent
  • Air vent is too long
  • Broken heating element
  • Broken thermostat or sensors

You can restore some of these yourself, mainly if you’re handy! Otherwise, you would possibly want to appoint a expert to repair your dryer.

Dryer Efficiency

Some dryers are extra environment friendly than others from the start. This may be due to the company or mannequin of dryer you purchase.

While most households have vented dryers, there are condensed and warmness pump dryers on the market that take longer to dry. (The plus aspect of these is their portability and electricity efficiency.)

However, different matters issue into effectivity as properly such as protection and technical issues.

Answer To How Long Does A Commercial Dryer Take

When you’re at home, you can do different matters whilst ready to fold your laundry. I like to put my laundry in simply earlier than I begin cleansing my house, so everything’s first-rate and smooth with the aid of the time it’s done.

Sometimes it looks like my laundry takes no time at all due to the fact I’m so distracted by way of different tasks.

But when you’re the usage of a industrial dryer at a laundromat, time looks to bypass so a whole lot extra slowly! It looks like your washing will by no means be done.

In truth, industrial dryers generally take close to the equal quantity of time as your common family dryer. Expect to wait 30-45 minutes on average.

Small hundreds will take much less time, whilst thick, cumbersome masses will take extra time.

See the part above for greater elements that will decide how lengthy your laundry takes to dry.

Answer To How Long Does A Dryer Take To Dry One Shirt

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Reasons For My Dryer Taking So Long

There are many problems that will make the dryer take longer to dry the clothes. 

These include: 

  • Overload the machine. 
  • Wrong setting when washing clothes. 
  • Lint collected in lint collectors or vents can block airflow. 
  • Technical problems, such as long vents or damaged heating elements. 
  • To start troubleshooting, first clean the dryer thoroughly. 

This includes removing lint from the lint tray, cleaning the interior of the lint trap, and cleaning the vents behind the dryer. 

Please use the dryer correctly according to the dryer and clothes instructions. 

If none of this is the problem, there may be something wrong with your machine, investigate it yourself, ask a professional to take a look, or simply buy a new dryer.

Reasons For My Dryer Take Two Hours To Dry Clothes

There are a few options if one dryer cycle is insufficient to dry your clothes:

  • The load is excessive.
  • The centre of the clothing can’t dry properly because they are bundled up or clumped together.
  • You must clean the vent or lint tray.
  • Your dryer is defective or broken

The troubleshooting steps are as follows: Check for necessary repairs after cleaning your machine and making sure you’re following the directions on your dryer and laundry supplies.

Tips For A Dryer Taking Too Long To Dry

Check for any potential dryer problems as described below.

If you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, you can rely on Mr.Appliance® to provide clear diagnostics and efficient Appliance repair.

Simply call your local team or make an appointment with us online.

User Error

Common dryer usage errors include using the wrong heat and/or timer Settings for fabric types, and dryer overloads.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for recommended drying times, load capacity, and heat Settings.

Clothes need free tumble space so that air can circulate around them.

The Thermostat Or Sensor Is Damaged

A faulty thermostat or sensor is unlikely to be the culprit for long dryer times.

However, if one of the components does not work properly, your dryer will not be able to maintain the correct temperature.

Double check the manufacturer’s guide to evaluating these components on the dryer.

If you experience dryer problems in addition to prolonged drying, try using our interactive dryer troubleshooting tool.

How Long Does A Dryer Take Quick Answer
How Long Does A Dryer Take Quick Answer

Wool Collector Or Vent Problem

To work efficiently, dryers need good airflow and smooth exhaust paths.

If the ventilation hose is blocked, cracked, or too long, the dryer may overheat.

As a safety feature, most modern dryers are equipped with high temperature sensors that turn off the heat once the temperature reaches a certain point.

While the roller may continue to tumble, the clothes take a long time to dry without heat.

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner after each use minimizes dirt buildup in the exhaust hose, but you still need to professionally clean the dryer vents at least once a year to prevent inefficiency and fire risk.

If you use the dryer every day, you may need to book it four times a year.

Our neighbor brand, Dryer Ventilation Wizard can help with this.

The Heating Element Is Broken

Partially or completely burning heating elements will significantly increase drying time or make it nearly impossible to completely dry clothing.

Refer to the dryer equipment user’s manual for instructions on how to check the heating element and replace it if necessary.

Or make an appointment with Mr. Appliance, and we’ll take care of it.

How To Make A Dryer Dry Faster

Smaller Loads

If you want sure objects to dry quickly, such as an outfit for work, don’t change the complete load from the washer to the dryer proper away.

Instead, put solely the laundry you want dried shortly into the dryer. It will take much less time to dry this way.

Once it’s finished, you can get dressed, toss the relaxation of the load into the dryer, and head off to work!

Alternatively, you must think about whether or not you’re overloading your dryer with masses that are too huge for it. This will sluggish down your drying time.

Clean the Lint Tray

The lint tray of your dryer wishes to be cleaned earlier than or after every use. Simply take away it from your dryer and throw away the lint.

Once you’ve performed that, accumulate any leftover lint from the lint trap. This is best to do with a vacuum hose.

Clean the Vent

Cleaning your dryer’s vent is a extra complicated task. You’ll want to unplug the dryer, go it away from the wall, and disconnect the vent hose.

You can then use a vacuum, cleansing brushes, or even a leaf blower to easy interior the vent.

Alternatively, you can appoint a expert to do this venture for you.

Cleaning your dryer vent ought to be executed at least twice a year.

Keep the Door Closed

It can be tempting to open the door to take a look at on your laundry, mainly if it’s taking a lengthy time to dry. However, this is counterproductive.

Not solely does it quit the cycle, however it additionally lets out warmth and accordingly slows down the drying time. It’s form of like opening your refrigerator or oven door too often!

A Proper Spin Cycle

The higher the spin cycle on your washing computing device works, the quicker you can anticipate your dryer to end the job. After all, if your garments come out from the washer soaked then your dryer is already at a disadvantage.

How lengthy does a dryer take

When I bought a new washer years ago, I used to be amazed at how an awful lot higher the spin cycle was. It took a lot much less time to dry my laundry after that!

Add a Dry Towel

Adding a dry towel to your laundry can assist to dry it faster, mainly if you have a small load like the single shirt mentioned above.

The towel will soak up some of the water from your moist laundry, and as a result it will dry that lots faster!

You can take the towel out after 5-15 minutes relying on the measurement of your load.

Shorten the Dryer Hose

The vent hose on your dryer doesn’t want any more length. You would possibly be aware that it folds up like an accordion, however some size of it may no longer be folded.

If this is the case, fold it as a good deal as viable to shorten the hose. This will make your dryer dry extra quickly.

You can additionally reduce the dryer hose or buy a new, shorter one.

Time Does A Dryer Take

When I purchased a new washer years ago, I was surprised at how much better the spin cycle was. It took much less time to dry my laundry after that!

Add a Dry Towel

Adding a dry towel to your laundry can help to dry it faster, especially if you have a small load like the single shirt discussed above.

The towel will soak up some of the water from your wet laundry, and thus it will dry that much faster!

You can take the towel out after 5-15 minutes depending on the size of your load.

Shorten the Dryer Hose

The vent hose on your dryer doesn’t need any extra length. You might notice that it folds up like an accordion, but some length of it might not be folded.

If this is the case, fold it as much as possible to shorten the hose. This will make your dryer dry more quickly.

You can also cut the dryer hose or purchase a new, shorter one. 

Answer To How Long Does A Dryer Last

If your dryer isn’t drying your laundry right, you’re probably wondering if it’s time to buy a new one. We all want our appliances to last forever, but how much money should you put into repairs if your dryer is already old?

On average, dryers last for ten years. Some last much longer than this, and some unfortunately give out long before they’re a decade old.

So if your dryer is only a couple of years old, it might be worth those repairs. If it’s fifteen years old, consider purchasing a new dryer instead.


A full load of laundry should typically dry in a gas or electric dryer in between 30 and 45 minutes. It could take up to an hour for dense textiles, like a duvet or a stack of thick bath towels, to dry. It’s critical to identify the issue with your dryer if it takes too long to dry your laundry rather than just putting up with it. Beyond just being annoying, a broken dryer can raise your energy costs or, even worse, start a house fire.

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