Best Size TV For Bedroom: How To Choose?

Generally, for small bedrooms, 25 – 39 inches TV size is ideal. For medium-size bedrooms, 40 – 50 inches TV size is ideal. For large bedrooms, 60 – 79 inches TV size is ideal. For extra large bedrooms, 80 inches or larger TV size is ideal. The best TV size for the bedroom depends on various factors.

One of the first things you’ll need to choose when buying a TV is its size. Too small a TV will force you to squint to see your favorite programs, while too large a TV will take up too much space and prevent you from sitting back enough to fully enjoy it.

The article will therefore provide you with suggestions for the best TV size for your bedroom.

How To Choose Best Size TV For Bedroom?

TV Screen Resolution

You can watch TV at a closer distance without seeing too many pixels if the resolution is higher. Watching on a 4K TV (3840 x 2160) is not painful to the eyes, even when you are much closer to the screen. 

However, because it would hurt your eyes, you couldn’t watch a 1080p TV and get closer to it. Furthermore, it makes the TV screen’s pixels more obvious. When viewed from a greater distance, 1080p TVs perform better.

When deciding on the size of your TV’s screen, it is essential to take the resolution of the screen into account. You won’t feel compelled to install a huge TV in order to fit all of your viewing space because a 4k TV allows you to sit down and closely watch your favorite shows or movies.  

Tv Stand Size

If you plan to hang the TV from the wall or mount it on a rack with the included stand, knowing this information is helpful before you buy your potential TV. 

The size of the TV’s attached stand must also be taken into account if you plan to mount your TV on a table or rack. Though the TV stand’s legs typically have a length that is similar to that of the TV, they frequently have a width that is significantly greater than that of the TV. Consequently, the legs won’t likely fit properly on a thin TV stand.

TV Screen Size & Dimensions

A diagonal measurement is used to determine TV screen sizes. Taking the opposite lower corner to the upper corner as an example, a 55-inch TV screen does indeed measure 55 inches. But it has different factual dimensions. It measures about 29 inches in height and 49 inches in width.

A 40 to 55-inch TV may be sufficient to provide a comfortable viewing experience if your bedroom is a standard size (10 x 10 or 10 x 11). A 70- to 85-inch TV may fit in master bedrooms (16 x 16). Standard master bedroom sizes are discussed in more detail here.

Room Size & TV Position

The television will be much closer to the viewer’s position and will have a shorter viewing distance if you decide to use the included stand on a rack or table. Therefore, you must determine the precise depth of the TV stand as well as the furniture you intend to place the TV set on.

But if you want to extend the viewing distance, you can also hang the TV on the wall. Another benefit is that it may allow for some space savings. Moreover, it appears more organized. 

Bedroom TV
How To Choose Best Size TV For Bedroom?

Viewing Distance

You should measure the distance between your bed and the location where you plan to mount or place your TV. In general, your 1080p TV should be placed two to three times as close as the TV is to where you will be watching it.

When it comes to 4K TVs, it’s a completely different story.  Undoubtedly, it is much simpler to gauge the viewing distance of a 4K TV from where you are sitting.  For instance, if you’re installing a 55-inch 4K TV in your bedroom, the space between the TV and your bed should be 55 inches.  An additional 65 inches should separate your viewing position from a 65-inch 4K TV.

Room Lighting

Evening television viewing can be ruined by poor room lighting. The high levels of reflection on most TV screens can make your picture appear dark. Your television should not be placed in a room with strong lighting. Your photograph will appear faded if it is lit brightly.

Your eyes and eyesight will be affected by a faded and dark image. Reduce the brightness by using some curtains or dimming the lights if you want to place the TV in an area like that (with high brightness). Then you can put your TV in that room.

Your windows, lamps, or chandelier may emit ambient light that has an impact on the image on your TV. It’s certainly acceptable to consume a small amount. It can lessen eye strain and enable you to see deeper blacks. But if you do it excessively, you’ll get glare. That could obstruct the action on the screen or just make your TV appear faded and washed out, which is lame.

If your entertainment room gets a lot of light, you might want to consider buying an LED TV because they are frequently brighter than OLEDs and have anti-reflective screens.
It’s simple to lower the room’s ambient light and lessen its negative effects on the TV image. West-facing windows may let in a lot of light when the sun begins to sink below the horizon. A nice set of curtains, blinds, or shades can help you avoid many of those problems. Picking a new location for your TV is also not too difficult if you have the ability to move some furniture around.

Dimmers can be a great way to control exactly how much light is in your home theater room with a little extra setup. This is made even simpler by smart lighting, which enables you to manage your lighting through a smartphone app. That annoying glare can leave town with a few swipes on your phone.

How Far Away From The Television Should You Sit?

  • 32-inch TVs – the optimal distance to sit from a 32-inch TV is seven feet or two metres
  • 40 to 43-inch TVs – the optimal distance to sit from a 40 to 43-inch TV measures eight feet, or two.5 metres
  • 48 to 50-inch TVs – the optimal distance to sit from a 48 to 50-inch TV measures between nine and ten feet, or two.7 to three metres
  • 55-inch TVs – the optimal distance to sit from a 55-inch TV measures 3 to 11 feet.4 to 3.7 metres
  • 65-inch TVs – the optimal distance to sit from a 65-inch TV is 13 feet or four metres

How Should I Measure My Television?

TV dimensions can become a significant issue, particularly if you’re trying to fit the TV onto a cabinet, in an alcove, or on another piece of furniture.

You should measure the distance diagonally from corner to corner rather than the screen’s width. Just the screen should be included; leave out the bezels. 

Check your TV’s model number if you can’t find your tape measure. It is typically written on a label on the body’s back. The screen size in inches is always indicated by the first digit in the model name.

You should be mindful of the TV’s height and depth if you plan to wall-mount it. On the other hand, if you’re using the included stand, you’ll need to pay attention to the stand’s height, depth, and “footprint” when it’s attached.” The attached stand’s basic dimensions are its width and depth. Of course, you should always check the TV’s width as well.

Using painter’s tape to outline the dimensions on your wall is a quick and low-cost way to confirm whether a TV will fit in your space. Or you could simply position a cardboard cutout where you want your TV to be by measuring it and trying to physically place it there.

Don’t forget about the additional elements that utilize the same entertainment area as your TV. Make sure you have enough space if you intend to install a sound bar underneath your television. Nobody wants their sound bar to obscure their screen’s bottom third.

Simply calculate the variation in height between the two conditions. Suppose the sound bar is taller than that? Keep in mind that some TV feet are configurable for stand mounting, with or without a sound bar, so don’t buy it.

If you like to get into the nitty gritty, it also helps to know that a TV’s height ultimately affects how big we think it is. In essence, taller TVs appear bigger, so the dimensions are useful for more than just determining whether a TV will fit.

Best TV Size for Bedroom
Best TV Size for Bedroom

Typical TV Dimensions

A list of typical screen sizes is provided below, along with a rough estimate of their width and height. Be aware that the diagonal measurement of a TV’s screen approximates the device’s overall size.

TV Diagonal Screen SizeWidthHeight
32-inch TV dimensions28″16″
43-inch TV dimensions38″21″
49-inch TV dimensions43″24″
50-inch TV dimensions44″25″
55-inch TV dimensions49″28″
65-inch TV dimensions57″32″
75-inch TV dimensions65″37″
77-inch TV dimensions67″38″
85-inch TV dimensions74″42″

Best TV Size for Bedroom

Your room’s ideal size will depend on where you intend to keep the TV. Let’s talk about what size is appropriate for what kind of location. You will discover your solution after reading this.

Small TVs

Small bedrooms, home offices, and kitchens are ideal spaces for small TVs, which typically range from 25 to 39 inches.

Medium-sized TVs

These are best for rooms where you sit close together and range in size from 40 to 50 inches. TV.55” is the most popular one among medium-size TVs.

Large TVs

If you enjoy watching movies and sports, TVs with a screen size between 60 and 79 inches are fantastic. Undoubtedly, a large room is appropriate for large TVs.

Extra Large TVs

You can watch TV in awe-inspiring fashion on TVs that are 80 inches or larger. These large televisions ought to be kept in rooms with lots of space. By using these Extra large TVs, you can create a theater-like setting at home.

What Position Should My TV Be In?

When viewed directly and at eye level, all TVs will appear at their best. But how appealing your TV screen will appear from an angle will partly depend on the display technology being employed.

You’ll need a TV with a good “off-axis” picture if your room is set up with seats off to the side. OLED TVs typically perform better in this area than LED TVs do. Visit our article on OLED vs LED TVs for a detailed comparison of these important display technologies.

If you’re not planning on having a bunch of people over all the time, or your favorite seat happens to be the recliner in the corner, you can adjust for off-axis viewing by installing a full-motion (aka “articulating”) wall mount or a swivel stand.

With these options, you can rotate the TV to face various couch positions. Your recliner is suddenly centered in front of the TV rather than being off-axis. Just turn the TV back to its starting position when you’re finished watching. (I’ll talk more about mounting your TV on the wall shortly.)

What Type Of TV Mounting Is The Safest?

You need a TV stand or wall mount that can support your TV. That old coffee table may not be the best option if you have a fairly large TV. To accommodate your TV, you should have a surface that is both spacious and sturdy enough. Aside from that, you should check to see that the TV is balanced and properly positioned. Visit our list of the Best TV stands we currently carry for assistance in making your stand selection.

The majority of TVs now use two legs instead of the once-common pedestal stands. Check to see if the TV will fit in the space created by those legs without being too wide. The TV might slide and topple over if they’re too close to the edge or aren’t on a steady, level surface.

Consider mounting your TV on the wall if you have children, family members with children, or friends who regularly visit. It’s a simple way to prevent the possibility of the TV toppling over and injuring people. You could also use a TV safety strap to firmly fasten the TV if it is resting on a piece of furniture or a stand.

For advice on where to set up your TV safely, refer to our wall-mounting guide. Visit our TV wall mount buying guide for assistance if you need it with your choice of mount.

Best Size TVs For The Bedroom

Best 77-inch OLED TV: LG G1 OLED TV



  • More affordable than the previous mode
  • Stunningly thin design
  • Great gamer-friendly upgrades


  • WebOS 6.0 is disappointing

Being the first TV to use LG’s second-generation OLED Evo technology, the 77-inch LG G1 OLED TV is unquestionably the best 4K OLED TV produced by the company. The improved LG Gallery OLED features a premium 20-millimeter thick design and a chic flush-to-the-wall mounting setup. We only wish it had gone further to address the very minor issues with OLED; as it stands, it falls short of some promised performance enhancements that we were quite looking forward to.

Nevertheless, LG has reduced the price of the LG G1 OLED while updating nearly every other aspect of it, making it an even more impressive OLED display. The slim OLED delivers the same superb picture quality and faultless sound that we expect from LG’s best OLED models while incorporating a more comfortable remote control, improved gaming features, and the most recent version of WebOS. In a size that is sure to impress, the 77-inch LG G1 OLED TV offers fantastic quality.

Best 49-inch LED TV: Sony XBR49X950H

Sony XBR49X950H
Sony XBR49X950H


  • Accurate color
  • Handles just as well in the light as it does in the dark
  • Best for TV and movies


  • Not great for gaming
  • Narrow viewing angle

For fans of bedtime movies, the Sony XBR49X950H is a fantastic option thanks to its exceptional color accuracy and black uniformity.

Overall performance and image quality are excellent on the Sony XBR49X950H. It is among the top high-end models available. Despite not having any gaming features, it performs admirably when watching TV and movies, which makes it a great bedroom setup.

There is no need to calibrate because of its excellent color accuracy. Due to the wide range of local dimming features and black uniformity, it performs best in dimly lit spaces, making it perfect for watching late-night television. But it also effectively manages brightness and reflection, allowing you to see your programs even when the sun is shining through the window.

Its high input lag prevents it from being the ideal competitive gaming TV, which is the only drawback besides the lack of wide viewing angles. This TV, however, is adequate for casual gamers.

Best 50-75-inch TV: Hisense H8G

Hisense H8G
Hisense H8G


  • Good color gamut for rich, saturated colors
  • Quick response time
  • Easy-to-use Android interface
  • Plenty of available Google Play Store Apps


  1. It does not support technology with a variable refresh rate.
  2. Bright rooms make highlights less noticeable.
  3. Narrow viewing angle

With so many apps in the Google Play Store, the Android TV interface on the Hisense H8G makes it simple to find entertainment.

The Hisense Quantum series is available in four sizes: 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch.

If you’re searching for a more affordable TV for the bedroom, the Hisense H8G is a good choice. Due to the high contrast ratio and full-array local dimming feature, it produced deep blacks, leaving you with rich colors in dimly lit spaces. Furthermore, glare doesn’t pose a significant issue because it effectively manages reflection in the majority of bright environments.
The Black Frame Insertion feature on this TV, which is optional, reduces blur from moving images. Playing video games or watching sports will make the motion clarity noticeable. Although there are no advanced gaming settings like VRR technology, the low input lag makes video games enjoyable for casual gamers.

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Best 24-inch TV: Vizio D24F-G1 D-Series

Vizio D24F-G1 D-Series
Vizio D24F-G1 D-Series


  • Vizio’s WatchFree platform for free content selection
  • Nice picture contrast with Edge-Lit LED backlighting
  • Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast for easy mirroring


  • Remote could be more intuitive
  • Not as bright as 4K Ultra HD TVs;
  • Better for dark rooms

For those looking to cut the cord, this TV is a great option because it runs WatchFree and the VIZIO SmartCast mobile app, which both provide free access to more than 150 channels.

Overall, this TV-friendly 24&Prime bedroom is excellent. Edge-Lit LED backlighting for better contrast management and a Full HD LED screen with LED technology are both featured on it. Its content, which includes built-in Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast to wirelessly mirror and stream movies and music directly from your devices, makes it stronger than 4K Ultra HD TVs even though it is a 1080p TV with four times less pixel density.

The Vizio WatchFree platform, which offers more than 100 live and on-demand channels, is our favorite aspect of this bedroom TV. In addition to children’s cartoons, they also cover sports, entertainment, and news. Overall, we were very pleased with the picture quality and choice of content. Great if you’re looking for the best sports TV to put in your bedroom.

Best 55-inch TV: TCL 6-series Roku TV

TCL 6-series Roku TV
TCL 6-series Roku TV


  • Great gaming performance
  • Roku TV offers a huge app selection and easy interface
  • Improved Roku remote


  • Sound Is A Little Wea
  • Roku is missing some of the latest apps

A great smart TV experience and premium picture quality are both provided by the 55-inch TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635) for a price that is significantly less than that of the competition. The R635 ups the ante by adding mini-LED backlighting in addition to QLED to TCL’s current iteration of its value champion 6-Series. With some of the best HDR performance we’ve seen outside of an OLED display, the result boasts impressive color and brightness.

Even for yet-to-be-released consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, TCL keeps delivering more, like the THX Certified Game Mode, which elevates the 6-Series to the top of the gaming TV rankings. The TCL 6-Series R635 is the best TV value on the market, and it’s not even close, thanks to the design’s clever touches like cable management in the stand and the always reliable Roku TV platform.

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Best 32-inch TV: Toshiba TF-32A710U21

Toshiba TF-32A710U21
Toshiba TF-32A710U21

For those who are heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem, this inexpensive bedroom TV with 720p HD picture quality and an Alexa-enabled voice remote is a great option.


  • Lightning-quick Alexa-enabled voice remote
  • Connected to Amazon ecosystem; speedy apps
  • Price makes it shine as the second household TV


  • 720p resolution
  • A wide stand is not a good fit in narrower entertainment centers

This basic Smart HD TV has a 720p HD picture quality with non-HDR support, which is inferior to OLED and QLED TVs’ vivid, high contrast, and wide color gamut displays. It’s a basic TV for a good second or third room in the house, so forget about the 4K resolution and HDR capabilities.

One of its strongest features is a voice-activated remote with voice-controlled seamless menu transitions, quick input switching, and searching for your favorite movies and TV shows. With well-known apps from Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and countless third-party apps for everything from wireless content mirroring to Yoga primers, the app selection is practically limitless. You might also find our buying guide for the best-curved TV helpful if you’re looking for better picture quality.

Best 32-inch TV: Samsung UN32N5300

Samsung UN32N5300
Samsung UN32N5300

For those who want to use their TVs to control smart home devices, this 1080p Smart LED TV is a great option. It has a nice HD 1080p resolution and works with the SmartThings App to control your connected devices through a single interface.


  • Micro Dimming Pro for improved color contrasts
  • Good image accuracy
  • Optimal viewing angles with no image distortion


  • Not anti-reflective screen; the display is not glare-proof
  • Below average input lag and low peak brightness

This bedroom TV has a very modest display for a value television. It has twice the resolution of typical HD TVs and operates in 1080p with Ultra Clean View for less image distortion. Similar to full-array LED backlighting, another screen technology called Micro Dimming Pro divides the screen into various zones and optimizes each one for the best possible blacks and whites.

This bedroom TV is technologically advanced because it has the SmartThings App built in, which enables users to monitor and manage smart home appliances from their TVs. Thermostats, lights, and security cameras are just a few examples of the many compatible devices that are included. This is a great option for decent picture quality and above-average Smart TV capabilities. If you’re looking for the best outdoor TV, it’s also a good choice.

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Best 43-inch TV: TCL 43′ Class 5-series 4K

TCL 43′ Class 5-series 4K
TCL 43′ Class 5-series 4K

Based on the Roku TV platform, this affordable bedroom TV has an Auto Game mode for improved latency and image, which is great for gamers who don’t like to toggle to maximum output settings for their favorite video games.


  • HDR Performance Pro suite for color contrast
  • Easy-to-learn Roku TV platform
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands


  • Brightness settings could be better

Efforts from this unit should be adequate. For a clear image, it supports 4K UHD Dolby Vision, and TCL’s HDR Performance Pro suite optimizes contrast and brightness.

The Roku TV platform has a number of sharp, thumbnails for one-button access to apps and navigation menus for New, Search, and Streaming Channels with a customized My Feed with your preferred apps and content, really shines with this smart TV for bedroom wall. Additionally, it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for simple voice commands to play, pause, and access your preferred streaming services.

Best 32-inch TV: Hisense 32′ Class H4 Series

Hisense 32' Class H4 Series
Hisense 32′ Class H4 Series

This cost-effective bedroom TV features the incredibly user-friendly Roku TV platform, which has a motion rate of 120-image processing and is a great option for gamers.


  • The excellent refresh rate for high motion no-blur
  • Easy to navigate Roku TV with a simplified home screen
  • DTS TruSurround provides excellent audio.


  • Not a true 120Hz native refresh rate

The Roku TV platform deserves special recognition because it has one of the slickest, most user-friendly user interfaces (UX)s available, with a well-organized toggle menu selection, a condensed home screen, and big, bold icons for one-click content access. Even better for notorious remote control misplacers, the Roku TV app enables users to control TVs using their iOS or Android phones.

This best-value TV for the bedroom has built-in DTS TruSurround, which simulates the effects of a full surround sound system for a more immersive viewing experience. This non-4K TV is unquestionably among the better values. On our list of TV options, it unquestionably has the best sound quality.

Best 32-inch TV: Proscan 32-inch LED TV

Proscan 32-inch LED TV
Proscan 32-inch LED TV

This bedroom TV is a simple, low-cost option with a modest 720p resolution and an older LCD screen with an integrated DVD player. It’s a great option for people with sizable DVD collections.


  • Size is great for small bedrooms
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Generous 3 HDMI inputs and USB port


  • Paltry 60Hz native refresh rate
  • Poor color contrasts and brightness optimization

This TV set is the most basic on our list. When compared to 1080p and full-scale 4K Ultra HD, QLED, and OLED options, the serviceable 720p resolution, and a 60Hz refresh rate are highly pixelated but still suitable for use as a computer monitor. Integrated DVD players with slot loading function as intended and load discs quickly.

Its built-in slot-loading DVD player and three HDMI ports, which can be used to turn it into a Smart TV with an Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, or comparable accessory, are our favorite features of this bedroom TV. This is a fantastic option if you want a straightforward, straightforward bedroom TV.

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Bedroom TV

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Consider A Big Size For Your Bedroom?

You should search for a large TV for your bedroom if you want to enjoy a movie experience there. You’re unsure of the ideal big size for your bedroom. You can purchase any 55, 66, or 75 inch television for this purpose. 55 inches or 75 inches are the sizes that work best in your space. These two sizes can also work for your space and price range.

Is A 32-inch TV Too Small For A Bedroom?

Yes, for many people who always prefer a big screen, a 32-inch TV may be too small. However, it is the ideal option for a compact dorm room where you sit close to the television.

Is A 43 Inch TV Too Big For A Bedroom?

For small rooms, you can choose a 25″-43″ inches screen and for large 55″-70″ inches are good. While most experts believe 43-55″ inches is the perfect size for all rooms small or large. While a 55″ inch screen is considered the best size for gaming TV as well.

Is 55-inch TV Good For Bedroom?

For a standard master bedroom or smaller living room a 55-inch TV is fine, but for larger rooms we recommend a larger If you can afford it, a 65- or even 75-inch TV would be nice. For the best viewing experience, if you sit closer to the TV, you won’t need one as big.

How Big Of A TV Should Be In A Master Bedroom?

Here are many sizes you may consider good for your bedroom. However, the size of the room, the screen’s distance from the viewer, or both can affect this. The best range to buy, taking into account all of these factors, is between 43 and 50 inches.

How Far Away Should You Place Yourself From A 32-inch TV?

About 13 feet is the quick response. In general, the distance between you and the screen should be at least five times (the width of the screen) greater. This is an amazing way to determine the precise size of your room.

For instance: For a 32 inches wide screen viewing distance should be 13 feet.

Size Vs Quality

If you have a limited budget, you must be attempting to purchase a large screen on a tight budget. In this way, it may be impossible to obtain a big-screen, high-quality image on a tight budget. Don’t choose a large 4K TV, such as one that is 65 inches, keeping this in mind. Invest in a 55-inch TV rather than a 65-inch screen with a poor quality. This can work for you in terms of both price and desired size. because a 55″ TV is not regarded as being small.

Should My Bedroom Have A Television?

You might not get good sleep if a TV is in your bedroom. You’ll stay up late watching TV and won’t be able to sleep. This will disrupt your sleep cycle and be bad for your health. However, you can watch television in your bedroom if you remember to turn it off occasionally.

Bedroom TV
Should My Bedroom Have A Television?

How Can A TV Be Installed In A Tiny Bedroom?

Use any furniture, such as a cabinet, in a small bedroom and place the TV inside. It will help you to place the tv in less space as well as to save the other space.

Optimal TV Size For Gaming

If you enjoy playing video games, you’re probably looking for the right TV size. When compared to watching movies or another activity, gaming is entirely different. What is the best TV size for gaming? To play a game, the player must be seated close to the screen. For this reason, a TV between 43 and 55 inches will do. Players often sit too close to monitors, so the most common monitor sizes range from 24 to 27 inches.


You must think about what is most important to you if you’re looking for a TV for your bedroom. A TV should not only look good in your room, but it should also support the entertainment options you value the most. There is a TV out there that is the right size and has the features you need, whether you plan to watch movies, sports, or play video games.

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