Onn TV Reviews: Should You Buy It? [2023]

You ought to purchase one of these Onn models. The short answer is that this is a respectable entry-level TV if you want a sizable screen on which you can experience the 4k medium. Nevertheless, as with anything else, you get what you pay for, so don’t anticipate many miracles. Let’s examine the reviews of ONN TV.

Onn 50′ Class 4K (2160P) UHD Smart LED TV

The Onn 50-inch Smart TV size is 49.5″ Actual, the resolution is 4K (2160P), the display is DLED, the refresh rate is 60 Hz, the connector type is HDMI, connections are HDMI, USB, LAN, Optical, Coaxial & Headphone, streaming services are Roku, YouTube, Netflix, and warranty is 1 and 2 Years.

The Onn 50-inch Smart TV provides a crisp 4K picture quality, which means you’ll enjoy everything in astonishing detail.

It is, quite rightly, incomparable to the OLED display of Samsung or LG., but considering the price of the set, the picture and video quality will definitely shock you.

It is equipped with the famous and powerful ROKU app that you can install on your mobile and control your TV.

With this app, you can easily install thousands of your favorite apps and use them without any hassle.


  • Easy installation with Roku
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ease of Streaming through Roku
  • Good picture Quality


  • Sound Quality can improve
  • Complaints of damaged parts 

Onn 70′ Class 4K UHD Smart TV Review

The Onn 70″ class 4K UHD availability and price. Walmart sells a high-end television similar to this one. It can be purchased for less than $450. The model is 61mm wide and 61mm tall.5 It’s big, but only weighs 45, and measures 38.3 x 12.5″.2 pounds.

The Onn 70″ class 4K UHD has a high 4K Ultra-high-definition, making it have more precise images, just like other middle-range TVs like the Hisense and the TCL. It looks good because the screen is enclosed in a shiny plastic bezel.

In contrast to other models, the Onn 70″ class 4K UHD has three HDMI ports, one USB port, one composite, one coax, one headphone jack, and one headphone jack. The ports can be used to connect extra devices like headphones, a Fire Stick, and many others.

Onn 70″ class 4K UHD only has three ports, limiting the number of devices you can connect, in contrast to other middle-range Smart TVs with four HDMI ports. However, this model has a 10-watt speaker that’s perfect for a bigger house.

Onn Tv Reviews Should You Buy It
Onn Tv Reviews: Should You Buy It?

There are 96 on the 70″ class 4K UHD.7 sRGB compared to other brands with over 98 sRGB, thus limiting its image capability. Additionally, this model has a 60 Hz frequency, which is lower than other models’ 120 Hz frequencies. Check out other models if you’re looking for a device to play high-end games.


  • It is substantial in size and has a lovely design.
  • Because it is more entertaining in a larger space, its size is ideal.
  • You can see more details because the image size is larger.
  • possess sound speakers with a 10-watt output that are adequate.


  • fewer HDMI ports compared to other mid-range televisions.
  • Because of the stand’s fragility, a person with young children and animals should not use it.
  • The 50-inch model’s features apply to this one as well. See more about Frndly TV Reviews

Onn 32′ Class HD (720P) LED TV (ONC17TV001)

The Onn 32″ TV is 31.5″ actual size, the resolution is 720p HD, the display is DLED, refresh rate is 60 Hz, connections are HDMI, USB, LAN, Optical, Coaxial & Headphone, streaming services are Roku, YouTube, Netflix, and warranty is1 and 2 Years.

Imagine having access to a large number of channels, high-quality pictures, and reliable service. Now picture getting all of that for a reasonable cost. The best illustration of that is the Onn 32″ TV.

With the ideal blend of the latest flagship devices, this product offers fantastic value. It provides brilliant 720p picture quality and a tremendous experience.

At a price that is incredibly affordable, the TV competes with products from TCL and Vizio in the same category.


  • Easy installation with Roku
  • Budget friendly
  • Loud and Clear Sound
  • Good 720p Image Quality


  • Built quality is not premium
  • Lagging issues during gaming

Onn 42-inch FHD Roku Smart TV

The 42″ FHD Roku Smart TV lacks high-ultra definition, in contrast to other models. But if you’re looking for a good monitor, this model is perfect.

With as little as $88 you can easily purchase this model at any Walmart store. The dimensions of this model are 37.4-inches x 23.5-inches x8.7 inches. The model is attractive because of its elegant finish. It also doesn’t weigh much at all—13 pounds.2 pounds only.

Better than other mid-range TV brands like the TCL is the Onn 42-inch class FHD Roku Smart TV because it has a 1080p resolution.

The Onn 42-inch FHD Roku Smart TV has three HDMI ports, one USB port, one optical, one LAN, one composite, and one headphone jack.

If you want to take a break from your computer’s monitor, this model is ideal. If your house isn’t very big, the TV’s 8-watt speaker is perfect.

However, take a look at other mid-range brands if you need a TV for a larger living room. If you want to improve the sound system, you can also spend money on high-quality soundbars.

As it has a 60 Hz refresh rate, this is not the best choice for gamers. The best gaming screen should have at least 120 Hz because it provides a smoother experience.

It may be necessary for you to mount it because the stands are not as sturdy as you would like.


This model is a good option if you don’t enjoy watching live streaming content on television. The kitchen or gym are perfect complimentary spaces for a 42-inch class FHD Roku Smart TV.


  • In comparison to brands like TCL and Hisense, it offers the best price.
  • You have the option to watch a huge selection of channels thanks to its support for Roku.
  • In the event of an accident, simple to replace.


  • A 42-inch class FHD Roku Smart TV lacks crucial features like Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • You will need to mount the model because it has a delicate stand.
  • Fans of computer games should avoid lower Hz.

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Who Makes Onn TVs?

Due to the fact that Onn TVs are a Walmart brand, you can only purchase them from a Walmart store in person or online.

But rather than producing these TVs themselves, Walmart contracts with original design manufacturers based in Taiwan and China to do so, while contracting out the after-sale support to independent contractors.

This explains why onn TVs cost less than their rivals because manufacturing and maintaining these TVs could be done more cheaply if Walmart didn’t handle it themselves.

Onn, which is simply a brand name for electronics sold only at Walmart, is comparable to the Durabrand label from Walmart.

Who Makes Onn TVs
Who Makes Onn TVs?

Strengths of the Onn Brand

For what they have to offer, Onn is a great brand, but what works for one person might not for another.

Before thinking about purchasing a TV from onn yourself, it is crucial to control your expectations and have a clear understanding of the benefits you can expect from them.

With no additional features or anything else that would catch your attention, Onn TVs only excel at being respectable smart TVs.

They have all the standard features you would anticipate from a smart TV, such as HDR or a positive user experience, but they won’t have all the features you would find on a Sony or Samsung, such as intelligent picture upscaling or a high refresh rate panel.

The well-designed Roku Smart TV OS that runs on most TVs is the same interface you’d get with any Roku device, with the exception of a small change in color to go with the brand’s aesthetic.

Onn TVs are inexpensive for what they offer because of the limited feature set and licensed operating system, which is where their main strength lies.

What Onn Can Do Better

Onn does some things well, but there are some areas where they can do better, particularly in terms of features and general build quality.

The TVs appear attractive at first glance, but closer examination reveals that they are made of inferior plastic that bends excessively and flexes when pressed firmly.

However, that is what you get for a TV at that price, and it is one of the compromises.

A higher refresh rate panel, at least on one of their higher-end models, is another feature that I would like to see improved on newer Onn models.

This is very useful for action movie or video game scenes that move quickly.

As time goes on and technology becomes more affordable, Onn will be able to add these superior panels.


Is Onn a Good Brand?

Is onn a trusted company? Walmart owns the onn brand, so you can expect a good product for the price you’re paying. Expecting all the features you’d find in a more expensive Sony or LG TV is unrealistic because the majority of onn TVs are in the budget category.

Is Onn Better Than Hisense?

With that in mind, if you’re looking for a barebones Roku TV with decent picture quality and you’re buying on a tight budget, Onn is the better choice. Hisense models, on the other hand, are the better choice if you want your new TV to have some advanced features and better image quality characteristics.

What’s the Difference Between Onn and TCL?

This means that Onn TVs generally have a direct LED backlight, a configuration with lacking performance characteristics compared to full-array backlight panels. While some of the TCL models have full-array backlight configurations, the majority of them use standard LED VA panel technology.


It’s difficult to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the features and specifications offered on the market today, to wrap up our ONN TV review. Here’s a quick hint from me.

First, make a list of all your requirements. What screen size, resolution (1080p or 4K), refresh rate, and response time are you looking for? The most crucial question is: What kind of budget is adequate?

So, if your response is that you want everything in one package at a competitive price, Onn TV is the solution for you.

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