Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing? Here’s the Answer

Lenovo laptops are great for those who want affordable computers without missing out on power and performance. Like many other laptop manufacturers, there are some quirks here and there specific to this brand. You might be curious as to why the power button on your Lenovo device is blinking. If there are any issues, I’ll explain why and what to do.

Why is My Lenovo Laptop’s Power Button Flashing?

If you see the Lenovo laptop power button flashing, then this is actually normal for these laptops. It simply means that the device is in sleep or standby mode. To wake it back up, you typically don’t need to take any special actions. Even so, if the laptop isn’t responding, you might need to reset it occasionally.

Seeing your Lonovo power button flashing isn’t that weird, and it’s often easy to wake your computer back up. However, it’s possible that the reason you’re here is that your laptop won’t wake up or respond. To assist you with this, I’ll also provide you with some troubleshooting instructions.

Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing Here's the Answer
Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing? Here’s the Answer

Why is the Lenovo Laptop Power Button Flashing?

The computers made by each laptop manufacturer appear to be made slightly differently.

This results in some strange events that might or might not be cause for concern. For example, a Dell laptop with a flashing power button often means hardware failure.

When the computer is in standby or sleep mode, a Lenovo laptop, however, is configured to perform this action. You might have manually turned it on using the Windows icon, or you could have just shut down the laptop without turning it off.

This will put the laptop into sleep mode in either scenario. In order to show that the computer is still on even when the screen is black, Lenovo decided that a flashing power button would be the best solution.

Waking a Sleeping Lenovo Laptop

Your laptop should be incredibly simple to wake up. The following sections will highlight troubleshooting steps, but this section will show you how to wake up the laptop if there are no problems.

The laptop should wake up just by being opened. You should see the screen come on and the power button behave normally again.

Move the mouse around or press a few keys on the keyboard if it doesn’t happen right away.

The laptop should awaken and start responding to your commands after a brief delay.

Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing Here's the Answer
Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing? Here’s the Answer

What Can I Do If the Lenovo Laptop Power Light Won’t Stop Blinking?

Go through the following preliminary checks before trying any advanced fixes:

  • Switch to a different power outlet after unplugging your Lenovo laptop.
  • Remove any external cables from the laptop, including any USB drives.

If the laptop keeps behaving the same way, proceed with the solutions below:

Drain Power and Power Up the Laptop

  1. Unplug the Lenovo laptop from the power
  2. If the laptop’s batteries are detachable, remove them.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds
  4. Reconnect the laptop’s battery and turn it on by pressing the power button.

Without a battery, draining the power will reset the BIOS and remove any power residue that might prevent a normal power-up.

Use the Lenovo Reset Button

  1. Remove the Lenovo laptop’s power cord.
  2. Get a tiny straight pin and locate the Emergency Reset Holeon your laptop or check the user manual to check where it is.
  3. The pin should be used to hold down the Reset button for ten seconds.
  4. Press thepower button to turn it on.

Expert tip:


Some PC problems are challenging to resolve, particularly when Windows files are missing or the repository is corrupt. Your system might be partially damaged if you’re having trouble fixing an error.
Installing Restoro, a program that will scan your computer and pinpoint the problem, is something we strongly advise.
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Any activities that might still be running or have been abruptly stopped will be stopped by pressing the Emergency Reset button, which will trigger a clean shutdown and laptop startup.

Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing Here's the Answer
Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing? Here’s the Answer

Switch to Another A/C Adapter

The problem can occur due to a faulty A/C adapter that can’t charge the battery.

So, changing the A/C adapter to a new one that works perfectly with another laptop should help detect if there are any problems with it.

Use the Lenovo NOVO Button

A tiny hole contains the NOVO button. It can be IDENTIFIED with a backward arrow that looks like an upside-down U next to it.

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  2. Locate the NOVObuttonhole beside the power button or on the side of the laptop.
  3. Get a straight pin and press theNOVO button to enter the Lenovo Recovery Mode.
  4. Select the System recoveryoption in the NOVO menu.

As your laptop boots up, wait. When you’re having trouble turning the system on, use the NOVO button to help boot it into recovery mode.

Check the Battery

  1. Unplug the Lenovo laptop from the power outlet.
  2. If the laptop has a detachable battery, remove it.
  3. Connect the laptop’s AC adapter.

Verify the laptop’s functionality without the power cord. If the laptop powers up with just the A/C adapter plugged into it, then the battery is causing the problem.

Nevertheless, we recommend you consult a professional in the field to help you figure out the problem and fix your Lenovo laptop. Instead, you could ask your manufacturer for assistance.

Summary: Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing

Although it is blinking, the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. The best company in the laptop industry is Lenovo. Both homes and offices use these laptops on a regular basis.

These laptops are excellent and light in weight; however, there is a problem with the Lenovo model in that the power light is always on. However, not all laptops automatically turn on; instead, there is a sign that appears as soon as you enter the room.

When your Lenovo laptop is turned on, a light on the power button illuminates. The laptop light is on, but the laptop isn’t turning on, which is the issue here.

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