Aquacare As-seen-on-tv Reviews In 2022: Should You Buy It? 

What are AquaCare AS-SEEN-ON-TV reviews? 

AquaCare AS-SEEN-ON-TV is the ideal flow pattern for quick and simple pet showers is provided by a dual width fan spray. The design is straightforward, and installation is simple. A cutting-edge, 5-zone, 8-bit power head with an anti-bacterial clogging device that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. There might not always be a lot of pressure.

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Top Customer Reviews

Works As Advertised!

After reading through all of the manufacturer’s bulleted features again, I believe the AquaCare descriptions are fair and accurate. The Five Zone shower head’s features—Wide Rain, Massage, Soft Mist, Mix One, Mix Two, and a (leaky by design) pause mode—are unimpressive but not fatal.

Powerful wide-fan or point jet spray options are available with the Power Wash feature’s 3-position slide switch on top of the spray head. You can switch back to the shower head mode in the middle position. I’m sure I’ll still need a cleaner and sponge to give the tub and shower a thorough cleaning even though the Power Wash feature sprays so forcefully it can sting delicate areas.

I’ll be working very hard not to drop the AquaCare shower head because it is plastic. The hose is flexible and has a high quality feel. Overall, it’s well made, of high quality, and well worth the $35 asking price.

The One-Star review James.K offered regarding “Holders don’t work!!! Buyer beware”, failed to install the correct Connection to the shower head with a knurled nut. Simple error, simple solution!

A Few Issues With This Unit

To stop leaks at the pipe coming from the wall, I had to tighten the plastic connector. The connector nut broke because I overtightened it. The shower system’s weak link is this. My shower head is set fairly high and the pivot ball barely pivots. The shower simply hits the back of the shower stall because it wouldn’t pivot far enough to shower you downward. To complete the installation, I had to use my old components. Both my wife and I were unhappy. We basically had to stand at the back of our tiny shower stall and just get sprayed in the face. The shower head itself is excellent. Just a better, ideally metal, connector is required. It is also one of those “AS seen on TV” products, which are typically not the best.

About This Item

  • MORE WATER PRESSURE, LESS CLEANING: The cutting-edge AquaCare hand shower has a 5-zone powerhead with an advanced 8-setting system and self-cleaning anti-clog nozzles to prevent dirt buildup. As a result, AquaCare showerheads perform flawlessly for years while other showerheads eventually clog and lose water pressure. Top American shower designers created the design in the USA. Patent pending.
  • PURE-CLEAN PROTECTION – According to studies, regular shower heads frequently harbor grime that quickly multiplies over night and splashes out in your face when you take a shower in the morning. For proper shower hygiene, it is crucial to maintain a clean showerhead. The unique, cutting-edge material used to create AquaCare nozzles works continuously at the molecular level to prevent degradation. This protection is 100% safe and effective for the life of the product and can never wear off
  • BUILT-IN 2-MODE TUB & TILE POWER WASH – Sick of the filthy soap scum and dried hair that is left over from each shower? Now, you can quickly clean everything without stepping inside your shower from up to 6 feet away. Simply flip the AquaCare handle to transform it into a High-pressure Power Wash! Wide Fan can be used to quickly rinse off large areas, or you can switch to Point Jet to quickly blast away grime that won’t go away!
  • PERFECT PET SHOWER – AquaCare was created to be tenacious against the toughest grime while being kind to your pet. To thoroughly rinse out shampoo in a matter of seconds, simply adjust your faucet’s water pressure to the level that is best for the length and density of your dog’s fur. It offers the ideal flow pattern for a quick and simple pet shower, regardless of the breed or size of the animal.
  • PREMIUM CONVENIENCE PACKAGE – Enjoy increased mobility and reach with an additional Low-reach Wall Bracket that mounts instantly and firmly on any surface thanks to its power adhesive back, an extra 72-inch Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Hose, and an Angle-adjustable Overhead Bracket. AquaCare is your TOTAL SHOWER CARE system, improving shower hygiene and fostering a cleaner shower environment for your entire family. It is ideal for child care, senior care, pet care, bathing, and cleaning applications.
Aquacare As-seen-on-tv Reviews In 2022 Should You Buy It 
Aquacare As-seen-on-tv Reviews In 2022: Should You Buy It? 

How To Use It?

Mount Showerhead

You might be able to mount an Aqua Care showerhead to an existing shower wall bracket once you’ve got one in your possession. If that is the case, after removing your old showerhead, you can just twist it on. If your current showerhead doesn’t fit it, you can also mount the larger of the two included wall brackets in its place using silicone caulking or glue. The showerhead can then be turned onto the bracket after that.

Turn On Shower

You can then turn on your shower as usual after firmly screwing in your new showerhead. The showerhead has a dial on top that you can turn to cycle through the eight settings, which range from a soft mist to a pulsating massage. The targeted jet spray and the wide fan spray are two of the six settings that can be accessed by flipping the showerhead over. You can leave it in position above you for the other six settings, but for these two, you’ll need to use its hose.

Turn Shower Off

When you are finished, turn off your shower as usual. It’s best to rest the showerhead above in the bracket after using it as a handheld showerhead, though you can leave it lying on the shower or tub floor instead. In this manner, no one will trip over it when using the shower or tub, and soap scum won’t accumulate on it.


Aqua Care is a dual-purpose showerhead that can be mounted or used as a hand-held showerhead. Each showerhead is said to come with eight different settings, a water-saving pause mode, and nozzles that are resistant to bacteria. Additionally, it is stated that each showerhead comes with two wall brackets—one to hang up high and the other to hang a little lower—and that each has a six-foot, leak-resistant hose.

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