RCA TV Reviews In 2022: Top Customer Reviews

You may have heard of RCA if you’re looking for a low-cost TV. RCA, formerly known as Radio Corporation of America, has been a mainstay of US electronics for more than a century. It has kept up with the times and now offers a variety of 4K TVs in different sizes, frequently at absurdly low prices at Walmart.

However, it can be difficult to know where to start your search with so many low-cost TVs available (RCA competes with brands like Sceptre, TCL, and Hisense). 

What are RCA TV reviews? Don’t worry. I will show you more top customer reviews in the post.

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Top Positive Customer Reviews Of RCA TV 

  • RCA has existed for all time. When I found this 4K 65″ for 500$ I have to admit, it did not let me down; the clarity is unmatched, and the picture is lovely. Another one might be on the horizon, I suppose.
  • Excellent TV for the money. LG’s OLED models have undoubtedly better picture quality and fewer features (no menu UI, for example), as you might expect.) that you get from other models/brands but it does its core job well. Very pleased all around!
  • Install a 55-inch television in the living room. The image is vivid and very clear. bought a Walmart for a very reasonable price. RCA technical phone support walked us through a resolution when we once had a problem with it. We adore the TV, which is currently about 3 years old.
  • I own a RCA flat-screen TV from a previous generation. Its versatility, including the ability to connect to a computer, provide three HDMI plugs for DVD Firesticks, and play Blu-ray discs, really impresses me. With the exception of the power button, even the original remote is still functional. The rest of the system is excellent. Excellent color and sound. You can even adjust the screen size so that your movie fills the entire screen rather than being cropped from the top or bottom or from either side.

Top Negative Customer Reviews Of RCA TV

  • These TVs are total junk. The TV became difficult to even turn on seven months after the purchase. Even if you manage to turn it on manually or with a remote control, the screen is so severely distorted by lines that you are unable to see anything. Their product is not supported by RCA/Curtis, and their customer service is appalling.
  • Bought 70″ A remote control malfunctioned last year, with some buttons not functioning properly. major problems with watching TV. When I contacted RCA, they pointed me toward the Curtis company, which deals with customer-related issues. gave me the runaround for the entire two months and took forever to respond. Made me send them s/n, remote pics, model number, even though I told them “it’s very difficult to take pics due to the awkwardness of the more so the back of the TV, where it is located.” After two months of attempting to send them the images, I was informed that in order to watch TV, I would need to purchase a remote control at full price. Long delays and a rigid environment make up the overall poor customer service. I won’t use them again for any purchases. I occasionally had the impression that I was working with a very poor third-world country company.
  • Don’t purchase RCA TVs. After six months of use, the TV I purchased began to display horizontal lines running from the top to the bottom when I tried to turn it on. and would not turn on. It took between 35 and 50 times of turning on and off before it started working after a little fiddling with the settings, primarily lowering the intensity, but today half a day doing that and have the same problem. connected to my laptop via HDMI 1 for use solely as a monitor. I am unable to access the start page even without my computer. Continued: Disgusting piece of trash. No assistance from Curtis Electronics, the servicing company, is useless.
  • Senior citizens, we scraped together money for a smart TV!! That was our Christmas gift to one another. I’ve been at odds with them since January 6th!! Television is a nightmare! It does not work!! They say, “Please send us this and that.” According to my 57 emails, we have already accomplished that.!! However, in my experience, RCA used to be a good brand..STAY AWAY!! Kris

If Compared To Other Brands, Do RCA TVs Last As Long?

When cared for properly, RCA TVs will typically last as long as their rivals.

This entails calibrating the settings and keeping the TV away from harsh elements that could harm it or negatively impact its overall performance, such as excessive heat.

Are RCA TVs Worth Buying?

Regarding cost and quality, RCA TVs are regarded as low-end televisions. But are they really worth the money?

There are numerous TVs with slightly higher prices and superior features than RCA.

Nevertheless, RCA would be a wise choice if you are unable to raise your budget any further.

If you have a little extra money to spend, you might want to think about brands like Hisense or TCL. See our articles about Hisense TV reliability. and To learn more, read Are TCL TVs Reliable? See more about Onn TV Reviews

Do RCA TVs Typically Cause Issues For People?

In general, RCA TVs don’t cause any issues for people.

Although not everyone encounters them, there may occasionally be issues.

What Are RCA TVs’ Most Common Problems?

Common issues that some RCA TV users encounter are:

  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi
  • The screen goes black but has sound
  • No sound, which is often caused by a broken chip in the amplifier
  • Flickering on the screen caused by faulty jumper connections to the power supply.

It’s important to note that nearly all other TV brands experience similar problems on a regular basis.

RCA TV Reviews In 2022 Top Customer Reviews
RCA TV Reviews In 2022: Top Customer Reviews

How Many Years Should I Anticipate It Lasting?

RCA TVs can function properly for up to seven years before beginning to degrade.

RCA TVs can last even longer if used moderately and with the right settings.

What Kind Of OS Does RCA Employ?

Roku is primarily the operating system for RCA TVs.

In general, this platform is reliable and offers extensive app support for well-known streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

Are RCA TVs Good For Gaming? is another article you might find interesting.

How Do RCA TVs Compare?

Here are the top three RCA TVs available if you decide to go with the manufacturer.

RCA Qled Smart TV

The QLED smart TV from RCA is the perfect option for those looking for a 4k QLED TV.

  • Access to well-known apps like Netflix and YouTube is provided by its Smart Cast system.
  • Since it is a QLED TV, the RCA QLED will function in any lighting. The TV won’t have any trouble adjusting whether you’re lounging on a warm afternoon or playing games late at night.
  • Even though the RCA QLED only has a 60 Hz refresh rate, you can always turn down the gaming settings. You’ll be happy to know, however, that this TV has an 8ms input lag.
  • Unfortunately, this TV does not support HDR, which may put some people off buying it. It can be seen as a compromise, though, given the cost compared to other QLED options.

RCA Rtru Series

The RTRU series is an additional excellent option for RCA TVs.

  • This TV may not have a QLED panel, but it more than makes up for that with a host of strong features.
  • First off, the RTRU uses the Roku Streaming Platform as its operating system. You can anticipate robust app support from this TV because this system is widely used. That also entails having readily available on this TV well-known apps like Netflix and Hulu.
  • The RTRU has an easy-to-use remote and a user-friendly interface, just like other Roku-compatible devices. Roku will show you which streaming services have a given title if you search for it. The Roku app’s voice search option should be added to that.
  • With respectable upscaling of lower resolution content, the RTRU offers 4k resolutions. Additionally, it stands out due to its premium design.
  • Additionally, HDR10 is built-in, giving it an advantage over its QLED rival. When you watch HDR content, you get to see vibrant colors and deep blacks.
  • You can cast content from your Android or iPhone to the RTRU using the Roku mobile app. You can connect this TV to Google Assistant as well.

RCA Rtu Series

The first thing to keep in mind is that this TV is not a smart TV. However, given the features it offers, it makes a solid platform for gadgets like the Roku Streaming Stick, Fire TV Stick, or NVIDIA Shield.

  • The RTU series has 4k resolution and a broad color spectrum that makes images stand out.
  • Wide viewing angles on this TV allow you to sit anywhere in the room and still get a good picture.
  • Despite the fact that console games’ settings can always be changed, the refresh rate is only 60 Hz.
  • The response time is rather respectable, but for the price you pay for a 4K TV, this isn’t at all bad.


Although RCA doesn’t have the broadest selection of sizes and features, its lineup does include some true gems. Customers appear to like its TVs, which are almost exclusively sold through Walmart. And now that QLED panels, Roku TV, and WebOS smarts have been introduced, RCA is beginning to branch out beyond just offering incredibly cheap TVs.

If Roku is what you’re after and you don’t want the hassle of connecting and purchasing, say, a different Roku Streaking Stick+, RCA offers one of the most affordable options available.

On paper, RCA appears to be the most affordable option for a regular Walmart customer looking for a no-frills, user-friendly 4K TV that may also have some built-in Roku smarts. The newest low-cost TVs from RCA are difficult to ignore with all the holiday discounts.

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