Proscan 65 Inch TV Review: What You Want To Know

What is the 65-inch proscan television review?

Some believe that the TCL, which costs $100 more, is preferable to the Proscan brand-name. It’s awful using Proscan. Sad to see what Proscan has devolved into—just a purchased name attached to subpar TVs. Proscan served as a more expensive version of Thomson/RCA for a brief period in the 1990s and 2000s.

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Description Of Proscan 65 Inch TV

You have access to a vast amount of content thanks to the incredibly user-friendly Proscan-powered Smart TV interface, which makes it simple to navigate through web-connected apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more. Built in WiFi and a dedicated ethernet port let you get online with ease, while 3 HDMI ports let you connect multiple HD devices

• RESOLUTION 3840 X 2160
• VIEWING ANGLE 176(H)/ 176(V)
• DIGITAL CAPABILITIES: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 2160p

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Customers’ Review Of Proscan 65 Inch Tv

Amazing Value For The Money.

Excellent value, and it was easy to understand why…discolored vertical bar going just right of center. If I can find some sort of quick fix, I might give it four stars.

What Was Once A Fantastic Name Is Currently Hit Or Miss.

In the middle of the 1990s, when there was still a market for 26, 32, and 36-inch televisions, I owned Proscan. At the time, Circuit City was pushing the then-“high end” RCA as a replacement for Mitsubishi, which was in the process of going completely “projection big screen.” tube sets.
They were a respectable TV, but they weren’t a true substitute for Sony XBR.
Anyway, it took the place of an NEC 27″ and lasted about 14 years before I sold it, still functioning almost brand new.
Before I saw a “Pre-Christmas Sale” at a nearby big box electronics store, I had not seen a Proscan in years, save for a few 19″/DVD promotional boxes, and I had assumed the brand had vanished. a 65″ Proscan 4K ULED set at 599!
Additionally, the Proscan was looking pretty amazing while seated next to various Samsung, Sony, LG, and the usual Chinese brand lineup.
I bit the bullet and bought one from the stack at that price.
I installed it at home (replacing an older Mitsubishi 50 LED in my HT), and three years later, I haven’t been disappointed.
The set looks fantastic, with a clear, finely detailed image, extremely dark blacks, and no red or blue bleed.
How lucky I was is a mystery to me. I’ve heard that the TCL factory produced this model’s display, and I can’t argue with that because it was an unbelievable 4K 65″ purchase that cost more than half as much as the next-closest set at the same size and with an even remotely comparable image.
The new TCL 4K sets are looking pretty nice with Roku standard, and I have yet to see a Proscan that replaces mine. Otherwise, I would purchase another. See more about Frndly TV Reviews

I Wouldn’t Take A Chance By Purchasing This.

For the price, a decent TV overall, but the worst customer service ever for warranty problems. Antenna scans on mine fail to reveal any channels, and for the past five months, the manufacturer has been giving me the runaround. See more about Onn TV Reviews: Should You Buy It?

Proscan 65 Inch TV Review What You Want To Know
Proscan 65 Inch TV Review: What You Want To Know

FAQs About Proscan 65 Inch TV

Is Proscan TV A Smart TV?

You’ll enjoy a stunning high definition (HD) viewing experience with the Proscan 40-inch LED HDTV. The newest 40-inch TV from Proscan includes a Smart TV in addition to a WiFi ROKU stick, enabling you to upgrade your TV to a Smart TV. The dual-band, extended-range wireless stick will easily and quickly connect to your home WiFi network.

Is A Similar Connection Between My Phone And Proscan TV Possible?

To connect an Android phone or tablet to a television, use an MHL/SlimPort (through a Micro-USB or Micro-HDMI cable, if supported), or cast your screen wirelessly using Miracast or Chromecast. We’ll examine the various options for mirroring your phone or tablet’s screen onto a television in this article.

Is The Proscan A Good Television?

It can be said to be a fantastic television even without comparison to a superior TV of that size, like a Sony. Although Proscan will be more expensive, Sony will be superior in terms of shadow detail, black level, and discretes.

Is A Connection Between My Smartphone And Television Possible?

Although your phone won’t have an HDMI connector, you can still connect HDMI devices to its USB Type-C, micro USB, or lightning ports using adaptors that are available. A single HDMI cable can be used to connect a few Android tablets’ tiny HDMI or micro HDMI ports to an HDMI display.

What Are The Best TV Brands To Purchase?

Because of its beautiful and high-quality televisions, Samsung is still quite well-liked. Review authorship is given to Lee Neikirk. Excellent image quality is something that Sony is renowned for. The work was reviewed by Michael Desjardin, who is credited. LG: OLED televisions are superior, but their costs are still high. The best televisions available today for the money are still made by Vizio.

How Should A Proscan Television Be Programmed?

Use the remote control’s “Menu” button to access the menu after turning on the Proscan TV. The television screen will display a number of options. Select the programming option, then use the directional arrows to navigate down the menu until you find the “TV Scan” option.

Who Makes Hisense Televisions?

After acquiring a production line from Matsushita, Hisense started making color televisions. Hisense has acquired a number of technologies from foreign firms in order to maintain its position as a market leader. In addition to Qualcomm, Hitachi, Lucent, Matsushita, NEC, Sanyo, Toshiba, and other companies have granted it shares.

Which Television Manufacturer Offers The Best Products?

The best televisions that are currently on sale are listed below. The LG C9 OLED TV is among the best TVs to buy in 2020. High-end televisions include the Vizio M Series Quantum. Master Series Sony A9G OLED TV. Roku 65-inch TV from the TCL 6-Series with HDMI input. TCL 5-Series Roku Smart 4K TV with Amazon Alexa. The Samsung QLED TV, model number 90.

What Steps Are Necessary To Reset A Proscan Television?

Typically, the reset button is placed close to the control panel. It has the diameter of a pinhole. Push the button after putting the paperclip in to make sure it’s secure. The TV will begin the reset process if you continue to hold down the button for 15 seconds.

Are Proscan TVs Any Good?

ProScan is a very good tv and very easy to set up, I expected to stay up late, but instead I was watching movies in no time. I also bought a DVD player and the proper updated wire hook-up for even better picture than s-video, and the sound is also great and does not distort in high settings.

How Long Does a Proscan TV Last?

How long does the typical ProScan TV last? Proscan TVs typically last 7-13 years when not being used 24/7. By turning the TV off entirely each night, you can increase its lifespan.


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Proscan is a very good tv and very easy to set up,i thought i was was going to be up late but instead i was watching movies in no time,i also bought a dvd plaver and the right updated wire hook up for even a better picture then s-video and the sound is also great does not distort in high settings.

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