How Are Laptop Screens Measured? Quick Look!

Below will tell you “How Are Laptop Screens Measured?”

You must measure your laptop screen diagonally, from the bottom corner on one side to the top corner on the other, in order to do it correctly. It’s important to note that you only measure the screen itself, excluding the plastic edge that surrounds it.

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How Are Laptop Screens Measured?

It’s time to measure the dimensions of your laptop now that we’re clear on what a laptop’s size is supposed to be! The most vital piece of information you require when purchasing laptop bags online is the dimensions.

The dimensions of a laptop are always expressed as width, height, and depth, and are usually given in inches.

Measure the Width

Beginning with the width, let’s measure. Take your measuring tape and place it horizontally across your laptop from left to right. The laptop has this much width.

Measure the Depth

Next, take your measuring tape and place it vertically across your closed laptop from top to bottom. This is how deep the laptop is.

Measure the Height

You must fully close your laptop before measuring its height from the bottom to the top.

How Are Laptop Screens Measured? Quick Look!
How Are Laptop Screens Measured? Quick Look!

How to Know the Screen Size of a Laptop Without Measuring?

There are a few methods for determining your laptop screen size if you don’t have a ruler or measuring tape.

Find the specifications of your laptop using a web search. There is a ton of additional helpful information regarding your laptop’s display and other hardware.

Enter the exact brand and model of your laptop in the search box to find its specifications online because even if you know the brand, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the right data.

Go to your laptop and look for the label. Information on the brand and model is included on the label. Typically, it’s close to the battery on the bottom side of your laptop.

When searching for the needed information on the web look for the terms Product information or Specifications. It will give you a lot more beneficial knowledge about your hardware.

You could also find the necessary information in your laptop’s settings if you decide against conducting a web search.

The simplest way to access the settings is to use your search panel to look up the word “Display.” You can find all the information you require by going to Display settings and opening them.

Additionally, you can measure virtually with the aid of online apps. You can either type in the details of your screen, such as the display resolution, and they will figure out the rest, or you can simply drag your mouse diagonally from one corner to the other.

Online apps are a reasonable alternative because you can quickly calculate and convert measurements.

The very last option is to use an item whose size you are accustomed to. For instance, you could compare a notebook’s screen to your laptop screen if you knew the exact measurements of a notebook.

I don’t advise using this method because it’s inaccurate and might yield false measurements.

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How to Choose the Right Laptop Bag?

There are laptop backpacks that are suitable for bigger and heavier laptops where you can store other things in them as well. My favorite is a one-strap laptop bag. Compared to the backpack version, it’s simpler to use, lighter, and more convenient.

Remember that your laptop shouldn’t be shifting around inside the bag. To guard against damage from bumps, it must be snug and well-fitted.

Elegant and slick laptop sleeves are very popular. You hold the cover in your hand and it has no straps. It’s best for a lighter and compact laptop because it could be a big issue carrying around a big and heavy laptop in a sleeve.

I would highly recommend laptop bags with compartments and padding. Every day I bring my laptop to work, so I also need room for a computer mouse and power cords. Essential items like a wallet, notepads, pencils, and office supplies should all fit in the bag.

Padded laptop bags act as cushions and absorb every shock from a fall or bump. Find a laptop bag with a padded bottom is some great advice. In the event that you unintentionally drop your laptop, this helps to protect it from falling.

The quality of the material of the bag is also very important. To protect your laptop, pick a sturdy material that isn’t too heavy. One popular material is plastic because the plastic casing is hard and durable but not too heavy.

Keeping your laptop locked and secured is one of the most important things, so look for high-quality zips. Plastic zips are a poor choice because they are more likely to break, exposing your laptop.

If you choose a bag with just one strap, make sure the strap can be adjusted for carrying comfort. As much as you can, keep the pressure off of your spine and avoid having the shoulder strap dig into your shoulder.

Not to mention, I advise picking a waterproof material for your laptop bag. Consider arriving home from work as a downpour begins.

You would want to guard against water damage to your laptop. Due to their high susceptibility to water damage, electronic devices should be made of a waterproof material.

Comfort, usefulness, and protection are the three most crucial factors to consider when selecting a laptop bag. But some people prefer to add their own unique touch.

There is a huge selection of colors and patterns to choose from because traditional black laptop bags are dull and formal. Consider it a reflection of your personal taste.

Market vendors offer laptop bags with warranties. Although the bag shields the laptop from harm, that device still needs to be safeguarded. You can return it and get a new one if it breaks. Bear in mind, however, that the majority of warranties do not cover normal wear and tear over time.

When purchasing a laptop, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.

One of them is unquestionably the size of the screen. If you frequently use your laptop for work or gaming, you should choose a larger screen with a better resolution to reduce eye strain.

The size of the laptop screen, it’s important to note, is the size of the display without the plastic edges, so you’ll need to take extra precautions when purchasing a laptop bag.


For protection and transportation, laptop bags are necessary. From backpacks to single-strap bags, there are numerous types of laptop bags available on the market. But how do you pick the best one?

Size plays a crucial role. Your laptop must fit inside the laptop bag along with all of its accessories.

We know how to measure the size of our laptop screen, but that is insufficient to enable us to purchase an appropriate laptop bag. The width, depth, and height of the entire laptop should be measured.

You must lay the measuring tape across your laptop horizontally in order to determine its width. Measure your laptop’s depth vertically from top to bottom and height from the side while it is closed.

It’s time to shop once you have accurate measurements!

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