Keyboard Typing Backward: What to Do?

There are very few things you can do on your PC without a working keyboard. However, not every keyboard error is as serious as another. What to do when the keyboard typing backward?

  • Restart Your Computer
  • Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter
  • Check the Keyboard’s Region and Language Settings
  • Check Keyboard’s Left Key
  • Reconnect Input Peripherals
  • Change Your Keyboard Typing Direction
  • Reinstall Or Update Your Keyboard Driver

Language or regional incompatibilities or minor keyboard issues are most likely to blame if your keyboard is typing backward. You can find all the troubleshooting techniques below, and fixing these issues is quite simple.

Why Your Keyboard Types Backwards

The most common causes of backward typing are software or keyboard setting errors. A missing or out-of-date driver or a simple bug could be to blame. We’ll go over some of the most typical solutions to this issue because there isn’t just one way to troubleshoot it.

The failure of key combinations to register is another frequent issue experienced by gamers. If you experience this, read our article explaining what keyboard ghosting is. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out our article explaining the differences between brass vs aluminum plate keyboards.

Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer is a quick fix for many software problems. When you shut it off, wait a few minutes before turning it back on. Disconnect or unplug the USB cable if you use an external keyboard. Once more, give it a few minutes to reconnect.

Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter

  1. Press the Windows keyand search for
  2. Click on Troubleshoot settingsfrom the search results.
  3. Scroll down the right side and click on Keyboard.
  4. Select the Run the troubleshooter
  5. To correct the keyboard that types backward, follow the on-screen instructions.

Check the Keyboard’s Region and Language Settings

Activate the control panel on your computer. Then go to the option that says “Language and Region.” Next, you’ll see an option that says “Format.” Locate your proper region on the dropdown menu by clicking this. Press “ok” and restart your computer once you’ve located the proper area.

Check Keyboard’s Left Key

If you press and hold the left key while typing, the n-key rollover keyboard may have trouble with backwards typing. When you press another key, some keyboards stop detecting directional keys.

However, a keyboard with n-key rollover can recognize each key you press simultaneously. As a result, despite a 2-key rollover, your computer continues to recognize the left key as being pressed, which causes you to type backward.

You can quickly identify the key as the source of the problem if you press the left key after having typed numerous characters or words. However, you won’t be aware of it if it occurs at the start of a document or text box.

So, make sure nothing heavy was on the keyboard and see if the Left direction (or Num4) key is stuck.

Reconnect Input Peripherals

Occasionally, this problem can occur after selecting text with the mouse or touchpad and moving it from right to left. The keyboard cursor remains in front of the pressed keys when you start typing while holding down the mouse key or right after releasing it. Your text will therefore enter backwards.

Users who type quickly tend to experience this problem more frequently on Mac and Chromebooks. However, Windows is not immune to it.

You can try disconnecting and reconnecting your keyboard/controller and mouse to fix the problem. Use the keyboard to select text or hold down the mouse button for a moment after releasing it to prevent this problem from happening again.

Keyboard Typing Backward What to Do
Keyboard Typing Backward: What to Do?

Change Your Keyboard Typing Direction

The Windows operating system allows you to change how you type between left-to-right typing and right-to-left typing. When you type backward on your keyboard, you might have unintentionally changed this setting.

  • For right-to-left typing, press CTRL + right SHIFT.
  • For left-to-right typing, press CTRL + left SHIFT.

Users who notice that the Teams app types backwards can quickly fix this. A restart of the application should also resolve the problem for them.

Reinstall Or Update Your Keyboard Driver

The keyboard driver is responsible for sending the software the commands from the hardware. Depending on the operating system, there are different ways to install and update drivers.

For a Windows Device:

Press R and Windows at the same time. Then, in the search box, type “devmgmt.msc.” Double-click on your keyboard, whether it is an external or built-in keyboard, after you locate the keyboard icon, reveal the dropdown menu, and do so. Next, press the tab that says “Driver.” Either you can reinstall or uninstall the driver by checking for updates.

For a Mac:

In the top left corner, click the Apple icon. Then press on the option that says “System Preferences.” After that, look for and select the keyboard icon. Then, press the box that says “Modifier Keys.” You now have the option to update or reinstall the driver.


Any customized settings or keyboard shortcuts should be recorded beforehand because they could be lost if you uninstall or update your keyboard driver.

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Why is My Keyboard Typing Backwards?

Your keyboard is probably typing backwards because it has been intentionally or unintentionally set to do so. While some nations and languages use left-to-right writing, others use right-to-left writing.

This problem might be caused by some incorrect settings, so it might disappear in a matter of minutes. Now let’s get to the troubleshooting section!

How Can I Type Backwards on My Keyboard?

Basically, if you want to type backwards on a keyboard, you need to use the CTRL + right SHIFT hotkey on your PC.

As you can see, it’s more likely that incorrect system settings, rather than a virus or bug, are to blame for the issue with your keyboard that causes it to type backward. The aforementioned fixes can be implemented in any order.

In order to avoid making the problem more difficult, remember your settings for the fifth solution.

If you found a solution to the problem of the keyboard typing backwards, please let us know. Please feel free to let us know in the comments section if something is missing from this list.

Final Words

Hope you have found a proper solution when your keyboard is typing backwards from this article.

Use the comments section below to ask any additional questions you may have about this subject. Feel free to offer your opinions and recommendations.

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