How To Spot A Fake Security Camera: A Top Guide

How to spot a fake security camera? Because they are considerably less expensive, most consumers use false security cameras. Some people use them in conjunction with actual security cameras to provide the appearance of greater security coverage.

In all instances, the intention is for potential thieves to view the security cameras and be sufficiently deterred from trespassing, vandalism, or theft as a result. In some instances, this works.

But when it comes to seasoned cooks, it rarely works. This is due to the fact that it shows how to quickly spot a fake security camera. The following are easy methods that anyone can use to identify bogus security cameras.

About Fake Security Cameras

Fake cameras can be used to imitate an actual camera, however, they are no longer successful in recording or imaging anything. These faux cameras can additionally be referred to as dummy cameras or decoy cameras.

Sometimes, Small stores regularly can’t have enough money to purchase them, and massive department shops and structures reduce charges by way of the usage of a combination of actual and pretend cameras.

It can be determined in high-traffic areas. They are occasionally used in conjunction with real safety cams, however now not in a genuine equal place. This offers the impact of thorough safety and saves the building/homeowner/company a lot of cash and set-up costs.

It can be created from empty digital camera shells. We’ll exhibit to you how to do it later.

How Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

They appear like actual safety cams however lack any recording or photographic capabilities.

These cameras are frequently made of a combination of less expensive and well-painted materials. They seem nearly equal to actual cams from a distance.

Fake safety cameras trick you into believing you are being monitored and can be used to end humans from doing matters they shouldn’t.

Unreal cams can even have to pretend lighting fixtures or motion to idiot people. These cameras are greater steeply-priced and can be bought at most main retail outlets.

It can additionally be made from decommissioned cameras. If you seem to be close, they appear nearly the same and nevertheless work.

Because they have by no means used actual safety cams, most human beings are unable to inform the difference.

Why Install A Fake Security Camera?

Consider why any person would put a pretend ( We additionally have critiques on outstanding cameras).

These are some of the motives humans may also use unreal cams.

Increase Security Awareness

A 0.33 cause why human beings buy pretends cameras is to combine them with actual cames in order to create the phantasm of an improved domestic safety presence.

This can also work for some people, however skilled burglars be aware of the distinction between actual and unreal. They are no longer intended to be relied on as they can create a false experience of security. 

Save Money

They didn’t desire the fee of an actual protection camera. They will alternatively purchase a pretend camera, which will be much less expensive–a dummy one.

Trick Visitors & Burglars

To idiot human beings into believing they are real, pretend or dummy safety cams are created. Most human beings buy dummy cams or pretend protection cams, believing it is a protection measure to trick site visitors into questioning they’re being monitored.

How To Spot A Fake Security Camera?

Markings For Security Cameras

How can you identify a security camera as a fake in a method that is 100 percent certain?

If a security camera is recognizable, the brand name is the easiest and most reliable way to identify it as a fake.

You can quickly determine whether a security camera is genuine or phony by conducting a quick online search for the brand.

Some security cameras may not have a brand label on their casing. They most likely aren’t real security cameras and are trying to conceal the clear distinction between them and real ones.

The Installation Location For Security Cameras

It’s not a positive difference between real and fake security cameras, the location of the installation does indicate whether the IP camera is real or fake.

Weather is not conducive to outdoor cameras, so it can be a useful test tool.

The fake security cameras, which have a fragile plastic casing, are no protection against swirling winds and torrential rain. Some of them may have a protruding lid, but that’s not enough to withstand the weather. For example, exposed fake wires are easily damaged.

Therefore, if you want them to work effectively and permanently, you must place them in a protected area, such as under eaves or ceilings.

By contrast, real security cameras, especially those rated IP66 and IP65, can be placed anywhere outside without worrying about the weather.

Therefore, cameras placed outside to face natural elements may be real.

Camera Models For Security Cameras

Learning some popular false security camera models is another approach to detecting the difference between real and fake security cameras.

The only cameras that appear when you search for “fake security cameras” on Google or Amazon are either dome cameras or bullet cameras.

It is simple to copy these two models without infringing on anyone’s property rights. In contrast, the majority of wire-free cameras have unique designs that make them more difficult to manufacture.

Brand For Security Cameras

The real surveillance camera will display the brand name in a prominent position. This is because the companies that make them are proud of their products, which is a simple way to sell themselves.

If a security camera system does not have any visible brand, it is likely to be fake. They are likely to try to hide their identity. This is what real surveillance camera manufacturers will not do.

In addition, there are some famous brands specializing in the production of cameras. Knowing them, their logo and any other relevant logo will make your work easier. Even for products that display brand names you are not familiar with, a simple Google search can let you tell whether they are fake or fake.

This may be the most reliable way to detect fake cameras. The only thing you should remember is that some manufacturers of fake security cameras try to sneak by misspelling common brand names or slightly changing signs or markings.

Wires For Security Cameras

As it formerly was, the wire was not a reliable indicator of false security cameras.

Today, more phony cables are visible on counterfeit IP cameras, making it harder to distinguish between actual and false security cameras.

But keep in mind that any bogus bullet cameras will have missed this minor feature. (The wires are hidden from view on wire-free and genuine dome security cameras.)

Lights For Security Cameras

If a protection digicam has blinking lights, mainly if they are without problems visible, it is probable fake. This is due to the fact these lights are designed to entice attention. They serve no different reason than to draw interest in the hope that it will deter any workable trespasser.

How To Spot A Fake Security Camera A Top Guide
How To Spot A Fake Security Camera A Top Guide

Genuine devices do now not have blinking lights due to the fact these lights don’t serve any beneficial motive when it comes to shooting or processing a protection feed.

What these gadgets have is infra-red technology. This science lets in the cameras to be capable to document at night. Therefore, you will note a faint glow when you are shut to a real unit.

Most faux protection cameras strive to mimic this glow. Unfortunately, they continually overshoot. This generally leaves these cameras with truly shiny lights inside. Therefore, if the digicam that you are searching at has shiny lights, it is probable fake. 

Covers For Security Cameras

Numerous cheap copycat cameras appear to be phony.

The materials utilized generally reflect the distinction between real and fraudulent security cameras.

Instead of the water-proof aluminum cover, phony security cameras are typically constructed of inexpensive plastic.

When a false security camera is installed in an accessible location, like the front door, insiders in the firm like us or smart thieves will immediately recognize it.

Cables For Security Cameras

The first handy giveaway is generally the cables that the digicam uses.

Genuine cameras have tremendously thick cables. These cables are thick due to the fact they switch facts and additionally transmit strength to the digital camera system. And for a given digicam system, it is commonly one cable doing both.

Therefore, if you spot a digicam with clearly skinny cables, it is in all likelihood fake. This is due to the fact pretend safety cameras are designed to price less. They use thinner cables considering the fact that these cables are cheaper.

Also, in view that these cables do nothing, they don’t want to do anything. As such, they are distinctly thinner.

Also, pretend safety cameras have a tendency to have too many cables. Generally, if it has greater than two cables, it is fake. And seeing that older protection cameras are the ones that commonly characteristic two cables, any safety digicam that has greater than two cables, however which appears newer, is probable fake. 

Movement Tracking For Security Cameras

Some pretend protection cameras even have built-in movement sensor and will swivel to tune the movements.

In fact, they are now not precisely monitoring the movement, however simply consistently rotating returned and forth, so an observant crook may additionally be conscious that the unit is fake.

And real movement sensing cameras will by no means swivel when anyone walks by. They simply document the total tournament barring making proper bodily movements.

Just suppose about it, motion monitoring will want a lot of science and cost. Even the actual cameras can’t do that for now, let by myself the dummy ones.

That’s a large distinction between actual and pretend safety cameras. 

Wi-Fi Lookup For Security Cameras

It is simple to determine whether a wireless security camera is real or phony when you are looking at one. Simply move in close proximity to the camera to accomplish this, and then switch on Wi-Fi on your phone. Check out the Wi-Fi signals your phone picks up. Your phone should be able to recognize the camera’s signal if it is authentic. If it is a phony, on the other hand, it won’t appear as a Wi-Fi device.

Swiveling motion

To create the facade of action tracking, some pretend cameras are designed to swivel. They do this at ordinary intervals. And every so often they do it randomly. Whichever the case, if the digicam swivels, it is probably fake. This is due to the fact cameras with in-built movement monitoring skills music motion with specialised sensors, however they do now not swivel.

However, this does no longer suggest that there aren’t any actual cameras that swivel. These sorts of cameras exist, however they have a tendency to be high priced given the value of developing the swiveling motion. Therefore, if the digital camera appears cost effectively priced, and if it swivels, it is most probably fake. 

Power Supply For Security Cameras

Most real cameras can be powered by DC in the house. They are powered by the main power outlet of the house, while most fake cameras use AA batteries. Here are some things to consider.

Some fake cameras use rechargeable batteries. Be careful if you see a camera charging battery. Real surveillance cameras don’t have rechargeable batteries.

The charging function of fake cameras is usually invalid because they cannot generate the same power as the real camera. A fake surveillance camera may also have a power supply to power its ccd/cmos sensor.

Different Types Of Common Fake Security Cameras

Most of the fake cameras are either dome-shaped or bullet-shaped. These cameras are easily counterfeited and are most common at major retailers.

Wireless security cameras can be hard to fake because of their complex shapes, made from materials that are hard to copy.

These are top-of-the-line fake security cameras.

Walmart sells fake security cameras

Walmart sells all sorts of convincing cheap fake security cameras. Indoor/outdoor bullet security cameras are the most popular. It has no brand name and has a CCD camera on the side.

The lack of infrared light and the brightness of the LED lights can tell that the camera is fake. The warning lights aren’t activated by anything, they just go off at random times.

They also sell fake dome security cameras. They come in two pieces and are highly reflective, flashing red lights that aren’t as bright as real dome cameras. The flashing red lights at night were very conspicuous.

Virtual Aurora camera model

These devices are expensive and are used to prevent people from damaging aurora’s devices. They are very similar in appearance, but different in color and look like plastic.

Another dead giveaway is the CCD camera tag on the side.

Since it “disappears into the wall”, you will not be able to see the cable.


How can I recognize a real security camera from a fraudulent one? Since more and more advanced phony security cameras are appearing, such as those with blinking lights and motion sensors, it is becoming harder to tell the difference between real and fake security cameras. But experienced thieves might be able to tell the distinctions apart.

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