Does Ring Camera Work With Apple Homekit? The Ultimate Guide

No. The Apple Homekit software is not natively compatible with the Ring camera system. With the help of third-party programs like HOOBS, homeowners can get around this lack of interoperability. By serving as a bridge, this software enables users to control their Ring cameras from the Homekit platform.

Here is a complete guide on how to make your Ring Camera Work With Apple Homekit

Are Ring Cameras Compatible With Apple HomeKit?

Yes, it is known as the iRing and connects to your home internet via Wi-Fi. After that, the iRing transforms into a camera and records and sends video to your devices (including iPhones and iPads) via WiFi.

You can get push notifications if someone is at your door after watching the video on your device.

The Bad

The camera syncs up with Homekit instantly, just like the Ring doorbell. The sensor immediately sends notifications, snap shots, and alerts whenever something triggers it. Additionally, you can use the Ring app to stream live directly from your Ring camera.

The issue with utilizing the iRing with HomeKit is as follows. When you open the Ring app, you can see a timer, a camera preview, and a picture of your doorbell.

It only displays videos taken during the current day, so if you want to see footage from earlier incidents (like someone at your door), you must go back in time.

Additionally, many people lament that because it uses WiFi, they are unable to control the alarm from specific locations within their home or while away on vacation.

The Good

The Ring Camera has a lot of features, including night vision and motion detection, but what makes this gadget special is that it can record video for up to 90 days without a storage card.

Knowing how versatile this gadget is, let’s create a Homekit-enabled scene so that Siri can control it.

You Need

  • Ring Camera.
  • iPad 2 or above.
  • iOS Apple TV 4th Generation or later, as well as iPhones or iPads that support iOS 11.0 or higher.
  • Apple TV 4th generation.
  • (HomePod, Apple TV, iPad, etc.) Homekit Hub
  • The region and language settings of your device are compatible with Homekit-enabled accessories.
  • connected to your hub and capable of using Homekit
Does Ring Camera Work With Apple Homekit The Ultimate Guide
Does Ring Camera Work With Apple Homekit? The Ultimate Guide

How Can You Integrate Ring into Apple Homekit?

Ring and Apple Homekit can both connect to a third-party software program that can function as a sort of bridge between the two software systems, enabling them to be used simultaneously, like many home automation devices. The example most commonly used to integrate Ring and Apple Homekit control modules is HOOBS, or Homebridge Out of The Box.

What is Homebridge?

Homebridge is a software application designed to unify all of your smart home ecosystems under one simplified control system. Here are a few advantages of using Homebridge as a software solution for integrating your Ring and Apple Homekit systems:

  • Modular versatility:With its more than 2,000 plugins, Homebridge provides a wide range of configuration options for your integrated smart home system.
  • Easy to use:Even if you’re not an IT whiz, you can easily connect all of your separate smart home ecosystems to Homebridge thanks to its straightforward plug-and-play format. Installing this system doesn’t require you to be a professional (or hire one).
  • Encrypted security:Homebridge is a closed network that cannot be accessed from outside of your home system, in contrast to open wireless connections. This makes it much more difficult for potential hackers or burglars to take control of your security systems.
  • Streamlined user interface:You can view a spread of all your connected smart home ecosystems on one simple dashboard screen thanks to Homebridge’s user interface, which is simple to read and understand. (Source: Homebridge)

Homebridge is the only trustworthy bridge software that can be used to connect Ring cameras with an Apple Homekit as of summer 2021. So, if you want to use your Ring cameras with your Apple Homekit, you’ll need to purchase it as a separate accessory.

How Much Does Homebridge Cost?

You will have to spend a few hundred dollars on a Homebridge system to connect your Ring cameras and Apple Homekit. This means that by purchasing third-party bridge software to connect Ring to Apple, you’ll incur a sizable expense given that the entire Ring system costs only a few hundred dollars on its own.

Even so, there are numerous technical benefits to being able to connect your Ring cameras to your Apple Homekit that make it worthwhile to spend the extra money. Here are just a few of the things you’re able to do once you’ve synced your Ring cameras and your Apple Homekit using Homebridge:

  • Show all available Ring camera devices in your Apple Homekit app
  • Use your Ring cameras as sensors in your Homekit ecosystem
  • Enable Homekit doorbell notifications through your Ring cameras, allowing them to function as a doorbell without relying on the Ring Chime or Ring app

It’s important to note that using Homebridge to connect your Ring cameras to your Apple Homekit results in a slightly delayed response, so receiving mobile notifications directly from your Ring app will be more indicative of a real-time option if you want to answer the doorbell in real-time.

Can You Run Homebridge Off Your Home Computer?

The Homebridge software can run off your personal computer to connect your Ring camera system and your For many homeowners, Apple Homekit isn’t a very good option.

The computer that powers the Homebridge must always be on in order to keep the two systems linked. (Source: The Ambient) The majority of users simply cannot choose this option.

The best solution is to purchase Homebridge’s hub device in order to avoid connectivity problems. You can use your home computer without a network or power source by doing this. Furthermore, using a hub makes it much simpler to set up your systems to run off of Homebridge.


Can You Add Ring Doorbell to HomeKit?

Yes, you can use a computer running Homebridge to add a Ring doorbell to HomeKit. This will enable you to incorporate your Ring doorbell into the HomeKit ecosystem and take advantage of all of its advantages.

Does Siri Work With Ring?

Siri is compatible with Ring. Through our Shortcuts triggers, you can use Siri to manage your Ring security devices (as well as any other device). You can use your voice or a tap of your finger to control your Ring devices (and other devices) by integrating Routines with Siri by following the steps below!

What is Ring Compatible With?

All devices that can connect to and use the Ring app are considered to be Ring compatible. This includes video doorbells and cameras, smart locks, smart lights and bulbs, plugs and wall outlets, IFTTT and Z-Wave devices, smart speakers and TVs, garage doors, water valves, and thermostats.

What Security Systems Work With HomeKit?

The only complete security system that can be used with HomeKit right now is a product by the name of abode. However, almost every other security system on the market today offers remote control of their systems through iOS apps, so HomeKit compatibility shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when choosing a security system.

What Products Work With HomeKit?

With the help of Apple HomeKit, users can automate and control their homes from iOS-enabled devices. Smart lights, smart locks, smart thermostats, smart dimmers and switches, and wireless doorbell cameras are just a few of the items that are compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Does Nest Doorbell Work With Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is not compatible with the Nest doorbell. However, you can link Nest Hello with Apple HomeKit using a Homebridge hub or device.

Is Apple HomeKit Worth It?

Apple HomeKit might be worthwhile for you if you frequently travel or if you want to be able to monitor your house while you’re away. You can use Siri to control different features of your home with HomeKit, such as turning off the lights or modifying the thermostat. Additionally, if you have an Apple TV, you can use it as a hub to control your HomeKit-enabled devices when you’re not at home.

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