Best Android TV Launchers In 2022: Top 15 Choices

What are the best android tv launchers?

The truth is that you are the best person to judge which launcher will enhance your Android TV box experience. We advise you to try them all and keep the one that best meets your requirements.

Please continue reading as I give you more detailed information about the best Android TV launchers.

Best Android TV Launchers 

Home Screen Launcher

Before anything, I want to mention Home Screen Launcher for Android TV because this app allows you to set the default launcher on your Android TV. You are not given the option to set a default launcher because some Android TV launchers have not updated their framework for the most recent version.

You will benefit greatly from this launcher in such circumstances. Apart from that, the app is available on Android TV’s Play Store and can be installed without any hassle. After all of that, remember that the new launcher requires you to manually launch the app.

ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher is an excellent launcher with an intuitive user interface and practical features. It has a straightforward design with a ton of customization options, including a wide range of colors, weather alerts, modifying the height of the app row, and more.

Finally, this launcher enables you to add widgets for frequently used apps, giving you a smartphone-like experience.

When it comes to installing wallpaper, there are no restrictions; you can change it whenever you like.

It is additionally available in both free and paid editions, both of which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The best feature of this alternative launcher may be the ability to set custom backgrounds, which is missing from the original software.

Any widget or app may have a transparent, colored, or image background. Along with other settings, users can modify the row height and widget scale.

Use ATV Launcher if you’re sick of the default Android TV launcher and want to try something new.


Taotlus is unlike any Android TV launcher on this list. It does not have a slick UI, but the app offers useful functionalities that can enhance your experience on For instance, you can sort apps using the “Most Used,” “Name,” and “Recently Opened” criteria on Android TV.

In the following step, you can launcher-hide specific apps. You can also modify the icon’s size, look up apps, and quickly access the App Info page of any app. I would say, for old school users who want a simple Taotlus and the Android TV Launcher are both very useful.

Sideload Launcher

The Sideload Launcher is our last option and is once more more of a utility-based launcher than a aesthetically pleasing one. As is common knowledge, Android TV does not display sideloaded apps from third parties in its app drawer. In such cases, you need a new launcher that can easily let you access those sideloaded apps and that is where The Sideload Launcher saves the day.

With Sideload Launcher, you can easily locate and launch all of the sideloaded apps on Android TV. I would say if you tinker a lot with your This launcher is essential if you have an Android TV.


HALauncher is another well-known app that appears when you search for an Android TV launcher in the Google Play Store. Handheld App Launcher is the full name of the application. The app has a sleek, modern user interface. To me, the user interface resembles that of the VLC media player program exactly. Additionally, it adds features like search functionality and recent apps. and lets you quickly and easily open non-apps for Android TV.

This launcher may be useful in those circumstances because the default Android TV launcher doesn’t display any side-loaded apps. In addition to all of this, it offers numerous customization options, including the ability to alter the color scheme, background image, and icon image as well as to add widgets. To add even more space to the home screen, you can also remove the side panel from it.

Top TV Launcher 2

Top TV Launcher 2 is a good substitute for your outdated Android TV launcher even though you might not find the app’s name to be appealing. It ‘puts you in control of your Android TV device,’ as it says in the Play Store description section.” Perhaps compared to other Android TV launcher apps, it offers you more customization options. You can easily place apps anywhere on your home screen thanks to its built-in layout editor.

The addition of numerous widgets and tiles to your home screen is another way to personalize it. You can also create your own tile by using the in-built tile editor or by adding an ICO file or image if you want to take your customization game to the next level. A single file can also contain multiple apps, giving it the appearance of a folder. No ads, support for custom wallpaper, PIN-protected apps, and other features help it make our list of the top Android TV launchers.

Ugoos TV Launcher

One more excellent Android TV launcher substitute is Ugoos TV Launcher. When compared to the other Android TV launchers, the app has a radically different and clean user interface and offers a completely unique experience. The left side of the screen will have a scrolling wheel once the app is installed. You can browse the major categories, including All Apps, Internet, Games, and Options. The app is segmented into categories and includes a remote control and support for an air mouse.

Any highlighted apps will be displayed on the right side of the screen. There are nine different color schemes available, all of which are expertly designed. The launcher’s background can be changed by users by selecting it from a list or using their system wallpapers. Border size, icon background, and other customization options are available for home screen icons. Overall, this app gives your Android TV a surprisingly fresh new look.

Tvhome Launcher

This is a perfect fit for people who own Samsung or LG TVs that use TiezenOS or webOS as their operating system.

The design is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. In keeping with the minimalist design, each app is presented in a single line. Although the background image is neutral, you can also customize it. The left and right buttons on your Android TV Remote can be used to scroll through the apps.

TVHome Launcher is known for keeping a minimalistic approach hence it does not drain much system resources making it very good for underpowered Android TV Box.

Best Android TV Launchers In 2022 Top 15 Choices
Best Android TV Launchers In 2022: Top 15 Choices

Ugoos TV

The free Android TV launcher Ugoos TV Launcher has a stunning design and quick performance.

a stylish launcher with lots of personalization options, including applying different color schemes, editing, renaming, changing category icons, and more.

It has a new category selector that enables you to look for and pick your board from eight categories, as well as another one that includes all of your apps.

One of its unique features is that it supports an adaptable remote controller and air mouse.

Unica TV Launcher

A straightforward and efficient Android TV box launcher called UNICA TV will meet all of your needs.

It is a well-designed and optimized launcher with a straightforward search tool for quickly locating apps.

Your apps are all arranged into four separate columns. You can add apps to a personalized category using this feature, giving you quick access to them.

For each of the accessible categories, it also offers shortcuts. With a D-pad remote, you can manage the features of your Android TV.

A cost-effective option with a 14-day free trial is UNICA TV Launcher. You must continue to pay to use this launcher after the free trial period has ended.

Android TV Launcher

The official launcher for all Android TV set-top boxes is Google’s Android TV Launcher. On the majority of Android TV boxes, this launcher is pre-installed.

The contents or information of the app can be paused and restarted. It is a free launcher to use, but it has a somewhat confusing design and interface. The launcher is compact and needs Android 5.0 or later to work.

Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher is a unique app that was created exclusively for the newest Android TV devices and is incompatible with any other devices.

The Sideload launcher is the best choice for installing and using Apk files to access third-party apps on your Android TV.

Any of your apps can be easily installed and updated. It is a small piece of software that is currently available for download from the Google Play Store.

Noblex Launcher

The launcher for Android TV actually looks quite nice. It looks quite similar to Square Home 3, however, the customisation is not much there as there are very fewer configurations options

Smart Launcher 5

Although this launcher was primarily created for mobile devices, it can also be easily adjusted to fit larger displays, such as televisions. There are two ways to customize desktops with it. an app with simple designs that is quite basic.

Mega TV Launcher

This launcher is reliable and rarely crashes.

The downside is that all app browsing and related activities take place in a single central window, which complicates things and detracts from the user experience. Additionally, the lack of configuration options makes it quite rigid.

Install Launchers On Android TV

Open the Google Play Store on either an Android TV or Android TV Box.

Go to the Search option and search for the launcher that you want to use.

Select the launcher from the search results.

Now, tap the Install button to get the launcher on your Android TV.

Launcher customization is done by opening it.

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FAQs About Best Android TV Launchers

Which Android TV launcher is the best?

The FLauncher can be utilized with Android TV. That launcher for Android TV is currently the best.

What is the Android TV’s default launcher?

The Google-made launcher will be used by default on your Android TV.


The article’s main focus was the top Android TV launchers.

For your Android TV Box, these are the best customizable launchers with the most features. There are many launchers available, but these are the ones that are guaranteed to perform to your standards. Choose the best one to give your Android TV screen a lovely and exceptional appearance.

I want to thank you once more for reading.

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